5/11/14 - Blessed

I am truly blessed. I had Mother's Day lunch out today with my Mom, my daughter Kristin and my granddaughter Cali. God has smiled down on me.
Better days are coming!

4/20 - 5/4/14 - C. Diff...ain't no joke

The rumors of my demise have been exaggerated.  I have been sick, sicker than I've ever been.  I know if I had been home without any help the rumor would not have been false.  David has been my Godsend!

I have had, for at least the past 2 weeks, C. difficile infection.  This is one of those things that I have no idea where I picked it up but you just can't fight through it.  You HAVE to get antibiotics, which I'm still on.  A nurse told David that this bacterium can live on an object that is not thoroughly cleaned for 5 months.

I see my gastroenterologist on the 13th and hopefully will get a clean bill of health.  I've had to cancel all other doctor appointments until after that as this is very CONTAGIOUS.

For those of you that have known this and have been praying, thank you so much.  Please continue to keep me in your prayers as I'm very weak.  For my other praying friends that are just reading this (LaVon), please keep me in your prayers.

Better days are coming!
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