10/17/18 - Mind blowing Information about histamine and MS

Can’t remember if I shared that most every day I suffer from pruritus (chronic itching). My neurologist gave me a script (hydroxyzine) to relieve my symptoms. I have also tried topical creams and sprays and also the normal ones like Benadryl and Zyrtec. None of these things have completely relieved my symptoms. Last night I was thinking that all of these are antihistamines so why do I have so many histamines? I started my research and my mind went *poof*, blown. Having more histamines than average may be the cause of not only MS but fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue of which I have all three. One of the things I’ve read is that MS patients may have 60% more histamines than average. Once again *poof*, mind blown. This is so exciting for me. Please pray that I can get all my research together for my doctors and get some relief.
While I’m talking about MS I will be starting a new DMT (disease-modifying therapy), Aubagio. It has a lot of harsh side effects but it’s in pill form instead of an injection. So the next time you see me I might be bald. 😬
I will be posting links that I find here as this is more accessible wherever I am. Keep an eye out for *updates* in the title when I’ve added more content.

10/16/2018 - Views from the Home 1

Sometimes I wake myself up with my arm or elbow raised.

You know I can’t blame all this crap on MS, my body is just weird.

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