11/29/2019 - Confession(s) of a Rebel

0300 hrs - the day after Thanksgiving. The bones in my calves feel like that jerk that shakes your hand and grinds your bones together, yeah, that’s a good analogy.

Now the confession...

I’ve never breathed this to anyone so keep it on the dl, or qt for you old folks. I grew up in church and attended a small, country church. We had a string bean of a preacher that had teeth that would fit in at  the Kentucky Derby. He never went in a bar because he didn’t want to hear, “Why the long face?”  (Come on! That’s funny!) Anyway...when he greeted me at the door on the way out, would grind my hand bones. I was a smart mouth brat in my youth but I let this slide for several Sundays. One Sunday I felt pretty bratty that I stepped on his boat of a foot, leaned in and said, “If you crush my hand again you’ll see how solid my left hook is!” I could hardly get out the door before I busted out laughing. If my parents had known this I still wouldn’t be able to sit down. Even though I was full of bluff, he never called my hand...or crushed it.

Whew! That did feel good, and good for another chuckle.

11/24/19 - MuSings

I'm so sick of waking up at 0300! What would you do? This morning I'm making my last will and testament...well, I've started it. I hope David and my daughters can live with a little ambiguity.

I'm making a pork roast today with roasted root vegetables. Mmmmmmmm

We are going to Kristin and Richard's for Thanksgiving dinner. Richard's parents will also be there. I know this holiday season will be so hard on my daughters. Losing a parent is very hard, probably the hardest thing that they've been through. I just hope that they can enjoy the season even with a heavy heart. I hope they can capture a little joy this time of year.

I've had my Christmas shopping done for about a week now. Now comes the fun part, wrapping.


11/22/19 - MuSings

When I have a lot of things on my mind I must get them out. The demons in my brain keep wiggling around and I have to let them out! Ok, here goes. Keep in mind I watch a lot of television.

I'm a white girl, I was born this way. I wonder if black people dance as much in real life as they do in commercials. I also wonder if black people that have their DNA tested are really "shocked" that their roots are in Africa. If this is racist...get over it and get your own blog.

I hate Delaware weather. I wish I had been born somewhere else. I hate it here. If my girls were somewhere else I'd move there. I know "hate" is a strong word but I hate.

I've lost 28 pounds in 8 months and I don't know why.

I love expensive perfume. Eh, gotta love something.

Your words still haunt me. "I miss the old Dawn" so do I but I'm still me. My feelings still get hurt. I'm not the most pleasant person in the world and I don't expect you to like the "new" Dawn. If you only knew how much of a struggle it is for me to visit with you in the summer. High heat makes me go into a pseudoexacerbation. I won't be doing it again. Do yourself a favor, if you can't be a friend, don't be one.

Mark is the lucky one.

My nose will not stop running. I don't think it's allergies, I think it's a cold. I was at the hospital for a couple hours yesterday and unfortunately, there are sick people in the hospital.

I think I've silenced the goblins for a few minutes.


6/15/2019 - Good medicine

I have always been able to laugh at myself. Not only do I laugh at myself I share the experience with my friends so they can laugh at myself. My laughable and TMI moment for the day.

I went to the restroom this morning to accomplish a #1. I went in without my cell phone because it was just a #1. In the midst of #1, I started a #2. Great...no cell phone. As I was sitting in there thinking I started ruminating on what we did in the restroom before cell phones. Now I can play a couple solitaire games before the paperwork. I think I used to have magazines or books to read. That is more productive than what I do now. I think I need to put a couple books in there in case I get caught without a phone. Duh, duh, duuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh. Don't get caught without a phone or book or phone or book or phone

The Mayo Clinic says laughter is good medicine.


6/9/2019 - PSA: When my shirt is on inside out

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis(MS) December 13, 2013, that was my diagnosis date, not the date of onset. To borrow from President FDR, that was a date which will live in infamy. I don't know how long I've had this crap but I know I'm sick of the shit.

Before I go on I just want to say that if Chuck Norris had MS he'd kick its ass. That's why MS hasn't been cured, Chuck Norris doesn't have it.

Now, "when my shirt is on inside out". MS has many ugly faces, one of which is phantom skin sensations aka/paresthesias. It can include itching, burning, tingling, numbness, pins & needles, to name a few. I have all of the above. Sometimes I have all of the above at the same time...that's just sad. Anyway...

My latest paresthesias are hyper-skin sensitivity. Sometimes my skin hurts so bad to the touch that I hate having clothes on. I could so be a nudist when it hurts like this. I have new sheets that I love so much which are made from modal fabric. This fabric is very soft and lightweight, think old t-shirt material. These sheets have helped when my skin hurts.

For me, this skin sensitivity feels like a first-degree burn. If you touch the handle of a hot pan or if you have a sunburn, would be this type of pain. You don't want anything against your skin or to rub up against something. Seams in clothing can really irritate.  A lot of time when I'm home I'll turn my t-shirts inside out so the softer seam is against my skin. Sometimes I forget to turn the shirt right when I go out for an errand. Sometimes I don't realize my shirt is on inside-out until I get a sideways(sidewaise) glance one too many times.

So if you see me out somewhere, kinda glazed looking with my t-shirt inside out just smile and move on.

Now on a side note, I had to do a Google search for: sewing to join fabric -  to come up with the word "seam". Do you think all these words come out of me easily? They don't...it's brain fog.


5/16/2019 - I don't know if there is a cure...

Hello, my name is Dawn and I'm a pedant. I don't think there is a cure. I'm pretty sure there isn't a 12-step program to help me either.

I'm neither a linguist nor am I a grammarian (I think I should end the sentence and post right there but you know I can't).

I live in the state of Minutiae (or Minutia) so saddle up!

As a SAHM of Birdie and a part-time bed rider I have a lot of time on my hands. While you are at work I watch a lot of television and troll Facebook. When I see you have misspelled something it causes a physical reaction in my brain. Sometimes that physical reaction in my brain causes a physical reaction in my fingers. I just can't help it. Most of the errors I see are from someone other than my friends. If I correct my friends they don't hang around too long. You have to understand this is a disease (kinda like an alcoholic has a disease). I'm using a lot of parens today (I know when you use both they are parentheses). Most of the time the errors are in memes that you share.

Please stop sharing memes with incorrect spelling or grammar, it hurts me.

It's a disease

5/7/2019 - Robert McKeithen, a member of my family

Officer Robert McKeithen from the Biloxi, MS Police Department was a member of my family. Sunday night, May 5, 2019, Officer McKeithen was gunned down in the parking lot of his police department. Officer McKeithen was a 23-year veteran of his police department and was scheduled to retire later this year. Officer McKeithen was a husband and a father and a veteran from the United States Air Force. His Chief described him as a "gentle man that treated people with dignity and respect". Unfortunately the piece of shit that murdered him couldn't do that. I didn't know Robert but I mourn his loss nonetheless. May his memory be for blessing.

The 19-year old piece of shit has been arrested, unfortunately there wasn't a suicide by cop. Unfortunately justice has not been meted out. ETA: this piece of shit was smiling while handcuffed going into the police department.

5/5/2019 - Jordan Sheldon, a member of my family

Canine Officer Jordan Harris Sheldon from Mooresville, NC was a member of my family. Saturday night, May 4, 2019 Officer Sheldon was shot during a routine traffic stop. Jordan was 32 years old and a six-year veteran of the Mooresville, NC police department. I didn't know Jordan but I mourn his loss nonetheless. May his memory be for blessing.

The suspect was later found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Justice meted out by self.

4/27/2019 - John W. Shoemaker - July 22, 1959 - April 18, 2019

The first time I talked to you on the phone I liked what I heard. I volunteered on an ambulance crew, you were the dispatcher. I talked to you many times before we met. I had a pesky ambulance junky and I would commiserate with you about him. You would guarantee that the call I was about to go on was not him, ha ha, very funny, it was him. I finally met you at a Firehouse dance, you looked nothing like your voice, but you looked good to me. Little did I know then that you would become my husband and the father of my children. One year later, I shared your last name.

As most young couples, we had some hard times and a lot of good times. We grieved through a miscarriage but we triumphed to our first baby, Meghan. We suffered through your mother's diabetes and eventually the loss of her leg. We triumphed to another pregnancy. We suffered when we thought we were losing another baby. We suffered at the loss of your Mother, she was such a wonderful woman. We triumphed with a healthy baby, Kristin. We suffered with my Daddy being in Philadelphia in the hospital. We triumphed when he came home after a month and a half. We suffered when we found out my Daddy had cancer. We suffered along with him during his last month, you were always so strong and always encouraged me to spend time with him until his last breath. I was so thankful you were there with me. We grieved as we had lost two of our parents. We suffered with me having five breast surgeries. We triumphed when none were malignant. We worked our schedules so we could be home with our girls, that wasn't easy as we both worked rotating shifts. Our daughters came first, always. You were so funny and fun to be with, we enjoyed each other many years.

This is how I'll remember you, funny and spontaneous.

I will always love you, you are my daughters Daddy. Rest easy J Shoe.

4/16/2019 - Justin DeRosier, a member of my family

Deputy Justin DeRosier from Kelso, WA was a member of my family. Saturday night, April 13, 2019, Justin was shot and killed in the line of duty. Justin is survived by his wife Katie and their five-month-old daughter, Lily. Justin's law enforcement career began in 2013. His Sheriff, Brad Thurman, said Justin was a big part of everything. I didn't know Justin but I mourn his loss nonetheless. May his memory be for blessing.

The suspect that killed Justin was shot and killed in a shootout, justice meted out.

4/14/2019 - Sanctuary Cities/States

I should really be an advisor to POTUS Trump because I’ve said for a couple years to send the illegals to a sanctuary city/state.

I wonder if he’d listen to me about abolishing foreign aid around the world? Twenty-eight billion in “obligations” to other countries for fiscal year 2018.  $28,000,000,000, that’s a lot of zeroes. There is $110,000,000 to Honduras where most of the illegal immigrant caravans are coming from.  Also, there is $67,000,000 to Mexico that is allowing these caravans to pass through their country.

That sure would build a pretty strong and long wall.


4/10/2019 - To Kill A Mockingbird

I've read this wonderful book by Harper Lee several times. I still don't know how! I HATE mockingbirds, literally hate. If I had night vision on my pellet gun this morning I would have taken a pot shot at one. 0430, yeah, earlier than any dog in the neighborhood was awake.

Fun fact: 95% of people feel uncomfortable when the TV volume is an odd number. I'm of the 5% as I usually have my volume at an even number.

4/9/2019 - Reparations

Some, if not all, of the 2020 Democratic candidates are calling for reparations to black people for slavery. Slavery was one of the worst things that the new country did to other people. Slavery was wrong and horrible. I haven't owned slaves. My parents never owned slaves. My grandparents never owned slaves. I don't know any slaves. I'm sure the blacks living in this great country never knew any slaves. I'm sure the parents of the blacks living in this great country never knew any slaves. I'm sure the grandparents of the blacks living in this great country never knew any slaves. Slavery was abolished in this great country 154 years ago. One hundred fifty-four years ago, let that sink in.

Between the years 1525 and 1866, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database estimates that 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the New World. 10.7 million survived the passage, disembarking in North America, the Caribbean and South America.

Of those 10.7 million 388,000 were shipped directly to North America. Three hundred and eighty-eight thousand, let that sink in.

Now according to census.gov they estimate the population of the United States (as of July 1, 2018) as 327,167,434. Of that amount they estimate the black alone population is 13.4%. (I'm horrible at math or I would tell you the number).

Some questions I would ask these candidates (with the exception of Robert Francis because he's just a parrot):

  • How would you determine who would get the reparations?
  • How much would each individual receive?
  • Where would this money come from?
  • Would you go by the "one drop" rule?
  • How will the black population provide proof that an ancestor was enslaved in the United States?

The time for reparations was 154 years ago when you knew who and where.

Op-ed by Me.

3/27/2019 - Green New Deal gets flushed

The Green New Deal got flushed in the Senate 0-57. The Democrats that sponsored the resolution call it a sham vote (after all, we only have 12 years on our clocks). That's the way to support your own resolution Democrats, vote present. Three Democrats voted against the resolution.

In other news, you know that big glacier in Greenland, you know...the one that has been shrinking for decades? No? Well...wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, it's growing again. Whew! Maybe we can push that 12 years back to 13 years. Greenland's Jakobshavn glacier has slowed its retreat, gathered more and thicker ice and is now headed towards the ocean again. Good news right? Well, one would think so, and you would be WRONG! It's gaining ice again because of cyclical changes in the ocean temperature. Huh, who knew? Well scientists know that the earth goes through warming and cooling processes. Then why the big hub bub? Politics. Which brings me back to The Green New Deal, hub bub.

3/22/2019 - Ryan Thompson, a member of my family

Ryan Thompson from Kittitas, WA was a member of my family. Ryan was only 42, had a wife and three children. He was a member of Kittitas Sheriff’s Department. He was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who had overstayed his work visa. The illegal also shot another Deputy, shattering his femur. I didn’t know Ryan but I mourn his loss nonetheless. May his memory be for blessing.

The illegal was shot and killed, justice meted out.

ETA: I emailed my Senators Coons and Carper the following...

Sir, Tuesday night an illegal immigrant murdered a Sheriff’s Deputy in the state of Washington. I retired from the Delaware State Police and consider this Deputy a member of my family. He leaves behind a wife and three children.

Why then would you not stand behind the POTUS and protect my family with a wall that will benefit us all? Why would you not want to protect your own family? You failed Deputy Ryan Thompson’s family, don’t fail any other member of my family.

3/18/2019 - Australian Senator hits boy

According to the news an Australian Senator hits a boy after the boy smashes an egg on the Senators head. The Senator had been responding to the New Zealand massacre at a mosque. The Senators response may not be to the liking of a lot of people but to hit a boy? How horrible is that? The boy was then trending as #eggboy. Horrible right?

I applaud and cheer on that Senator! If that were my kid I’d say he got what he asked for. I think most people’s response would have been similar. You hit me from behind with something and I’m going to turn around swinging. The kid gets his phone ready before he does the deed. He puts the egg smack down on the Senator and then the Senator puts the smack down on the kid. Justice meted out.

Now what I haven’t heard in the news is...


3/17/2019 - Saint Patrick’s Day

Thank you Saint Patrick for spreading Christianity throughout Ireland. It’s a fascinating story of a young man, stolen into slavery, who then in turn came back to a country to save them from their pagan ways.

Today we celebrate this Saint who was never canonized as such. Today we celebrate by drinking green beer, wearing o’ the green or pinching those who don’t and of course hearing o’ the bagpipes.

Why God why? The bagpipes sound like a sack of cats being squeezed by a vise. The bagpipes must be the most annoying musical instrument (if you can call it that) in the entire freaking universe! God himself is probably plugging His ears. I know I want to stick an ice pick in my ears.

Can’t wait until tomorrow.

3/15/2019 - Blog alert - MS bitch session

One of the MANY reasons I have to complain about MS is following:

You’ve probably seen fire walking or someone lie on a bed of nails, right? Ok, now picture hot coals and nails on the floor. Got that? Now imagine walking on that...hurts, huh? Now imagine that feeling whether you are walking or standing or sleeping (or trying to).

Herein lies my problem today (and a lot of days). Nothing I’ve tried helps with this horrible pain. It ruins any plans you may have. So I’m sitting here this morning with my feet on cold packs hoping I can freeze away the pain.


3/13/2019 - Jexodus #Jexodus

I applaud the Jewish model, Elizabeth Pipko, for being the spokeswoman for the Jewish Exodus movement of leaving the democratic party. She was also a campaign staffer for POTUS Trump's 2016 run.

Jexodus is comprised of Jewish Millennials tired of leftist politics, as am I. Tired of the anti-Semitism blatantly spoken or tweeted with no recourse.

The anti-hate House Bill never calls out Ilhan Omar. She should be removed from all committees and removed from office.

There is no place in this country for this hate. Never again!

3/12/2019 - I call BS!

Moana Patterson, a 60 year old teacher in Ogden UT had a boy wash the ashes off his head on Ash Wednesday. This teacher then apologized on TV saying she didn't know that it was a religious symbol. Seriously? A 60 year old teacher didn't know? Has she never looked at a calendar and saw "Ash Wednesday" and wonder why? BS!

Here is her apology.

The Breakfast Club puts it this way.

Crazy world we live in.

3/8/2019 - Hyperboles.org

I finally did it. I've been wanting to do it for a while now. It really isn't that expensive. It may bring in new traffic, who knows. I like the name because I like the subject.


hyperboles.org is mine, all mine!

As a stay-at-home Mom of Birdie I have some time on my hands. I like to blog. The downside of my life with MS is I hurt all the time (that's not a hyperbole). I want to blog more than I do, I hope I can.


Why hyperboles? I love them! As you may have noticed in previous post I have a problem, at times, with what people say and how they say them. We probably have all used hyperboles in our speech.

  • Her brain is the size of a pea. (AOC)
  • I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.
  • I'm so tired I could sleep forever.
  • I have a million things to do today.

With that being said I am launching a new addition to my posts, you know, besides me bitching about MS or politics or how much I love Birdie; hyperboles.

If you use a favorite one or two or someone is getting under your skin (did you get that one?) you can post in the comments. I'd love to hear them and will probably feature them in a post.

What do you think?

3/4/2019 - Minnesota

Since the late ‘90’s I thought Minnesotans were less than smart. Jesse Ventura as governor, I thought, was a joke. Maybe the weather affects something in their minds. But what can I say, upstate Delaware kept voting for diarrhea of the mouth Joe Biden.

Now comes Ilhan Omar. What a lovely woman, seriously, she’s beautiful. Pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside. Her anti-Semitic thoughts and remarks have no place in our country. When we liberated the Jews from concentration camps they (and we) said “Never Again”. We cannot erase what was done by anti-Semites. We cannot have that voice in our government. Never Again!

Hopefully the addled brain Minnesotans can borrow a thought process next year and get her out of there.

Plus, don’t you think her hair is dry by now?

Brought to you by Op-Ed Dawn. Yeah, I might change my official name.

2/27/2019 - Birdie

Happy news today! I have adopted a rescue from Georgia. I looked into those beautiful eyes and fell in love. She is a Treeing Walker Coonhound. I don’t know her circumstances but I am the beneficiary of them and will love her and heal her broken heart as she will mine.

I haven’t blogged about Max and it still hurts my heart. Max was always off leash at home because he never left the yard with an exception or two of chasing a cat out of the neighbors yard. One very foggy morning in December I took him out while I smoked (I quit that). The last I saw him he was down by the mailbox watering the post and I told him to come on. I turned to put out my cigarette and turned back and he was gone. That was the beginning of a horrible day. I searched, I called, I recruited my family to do the same, nothing. My girls posted on FB pages, Kristin printed flyers, I camped out where there were sightings, nothing. I had rescued him from a puppy farm and had nursed him back to health. We took him everywhere, we traveled for five weeks last year, he had visited more states than most people, he slept with us, he was family. I think someone has found him and made him theirs. I can only pray they are good to him. I grieved, I cried and I vowed not to have another dog. Then I realized that my heart had a hole only another dog could fill.

There are local dog rescues and I had applied to a few of them. I had reached out to the owner of Doggone Happy Animal Rescue about a Coonhound but he wasn’t available. Friday she asked me if I was still interested in a hound, YES! Monday I met Birdie and made her my girl. We are learning each other and will become lifelong friends.

2/24/2019 - "I'm the boss"

I'm not a doctor but I do believe this woman is delusional.

It reminds me of The Honeymooners shtick between Ralph Kramden and his wife Alice where he tells her "I'm the King and you're nothing. The King. You're nothing.", she responds; "That would make you the King of nothing." Classic.

I think she has put an end to "dumb blonde" jokes. She's a meme creators dream!

"Unemployment is low because people are working 80 hours a week."

"Illegal aliens are more American than American citizens."

"Americans are dying from Global warming."

In reference to Amazon: "...take that 3 billion dollars that we were willing to give to Amazon and invest in our local community..." Um, it was a tax break, not a handout.

You can't make this shit up!

2/22/2019 - Who? What?

I have never heard of Jussie Smollett or the show Empire until recent events. Here is what I found implausible:

  • What rich black man would go out in the wee hours of the morning for Subway?
  • Who would find it plausible that Chicago is "MAGA" country?  This makes me giggle.
  • Chicago? MAGA country? Seriously!
  • Why would you hire other black men to beat you up, put a noose around your neck and throw bleach on you? A. Bleach would freeze at that temperature. B. Black men don't look like white men. C. You can't buy a noose at ACE hardware, I know, I used to work there.
  • Why would you get bent out of shape because the police called it an "alleged attack"?
  • Why would you initiate this attack on your person because the fake letter you sent yourself didn't get enough press?
  • Why would you waste police resources?
  • Why would you try to start another race war?
  • Why can't you use the President's name?
  • Why won't the media shut up about this? It's just another dude lying to get attention.
  • Why did all the black 2020 candidates jump on this story as truth?

The first time I heard this it rang untrue. I'm not a detective nor do I play one on TV but I knew this dude was full of shit. Sad isn't it? Now he has to live with the consequences of his choices. BOOM!

2/19/2019 - I am ashamed of Delaware

This morning in the news I see our AG is suing our POTUS over the emergency at the border. This is purely political and I hope our state can rally on Election Day and vote Ms. Jennings out when her term ends. I emailed her:

Ma’am, according to your mission statement, “Delaware's Attorney General, the State's chief law enforcement officer, has broad responsibility to combat crime, safeguard families, fight fraud, and protect consumers in the First State.” you will combat crime and safeguard our families. You oppose POTUS Trump’s emergency declaration so much that you are suing. You represent the great state of Delaware and I’m ashamed of you. How dare you? His declaration will be protecting our great country and state from those that bring in illegal drugs, don’t abide by our laws and threaten our safety. Ma’am I respectfully request you stop playing politics, drop the “D” behind your name and care about the safety of my family. Please drop the lawsuit.

2/18/2019 - President’s Day

As protests will be going on all over the country today against POTUS Trump’s decision to declare an emergency at the border I have one thing to say...badass.

2/15/2019 - Kim K and Kenny G

Blah, blah, blah...rich guy gets a dude that plays the most annoying instrument ever to play to his wife, blah, blah, blah.


And all this brought to you by the people that think we actually care, news orgs.

2/9/2019 - Green New Deal

AOC, U.S. Representative from the Bronx (I refuse to use her name as I'm sick of hearing it) is proposing a Green New Deal. She says, like, the world is going to end in, like, 12 years if we don't address, like, climate change. I propose getting a bunch of credit cards and spending to the max as I won't have to pay for them, like, if I live another 12 years. What is so unbelievable about this is...THIS WOMAN IS FREAKING CRAZY AND PEOPLE APPLAUD HER! Cows fart lady, get over it, plus they taste great!

The Green New Deal hearkens The New Deal enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1933 and 1936. The New Deal proposed to enable relief, reform and recovery from the great depression. As a conservative I believe it hurt the United States more than it helped it. It grew government by leaps and bounds and parts should have only been implemented as a temporary fix to a horrible problem. I believe the country would have rebounded on its own, after all, we are the United States!

Back to the Green New Deal...how do you pay for it? A guesstimate is $49,109 trillion in the first 10 years. $49,109,000,000,000. I'll let that sink in.

She wants the economy to run on 100% renewable energy in 10 years. When she starts walking to work or visits her constituents in the Bronx, I'll start listening.

Walleyed Cory Booker jumps on the Green New Deal bandwagon while thumping his chest...from IOWA. How did he get there? In response to how we pay for it he says if we were worried about it then, we would have never gone to the moon. If this passes (and it won't) we will never go there again. He also asked who saved the planet from the Nazi totalitarian regime...we did! Um, if we fought totalitarians why in God's name would we not fight you.

I propose the Green New Deal should be renamed to the New Communist Manifesto.

That is my op-ed for the day.

Happy anniversary Hubs, a dozen and counting.

2/5/2019 - Sho'ah

Sho'ah mean Catastrophe in Yiddish. It refers to the Holocaust, state sponsored killing of six million Jews. The Germans called this "the final solution to the Jewish question".

When I hear of the Commonwealth of Virginia proposing a super late-term abortion which would allow infanticide of a viable baby because of the mother's "mental health concerns". That is murder and should be punished as such.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed into law a pro-abortion bill that would allow abortion up to 9-months of pregnancy for any old reason the woman can come up with. In other words "age, economic, social and emotion factors".

This is the time of Sho'ah in the United States. Even if you don't believe in God and know that all His creation is special in His eyes you must know that this is horrific! What have we become? Is this our final solution to the baby question?

Sometimes there aren't words. Sometimes all you can do is pray.

2/4/2019 - Commercials - Oy!

I hate commercials, some more than others. Since I’m home most of the time I watch a LOT of television. The one that’s under my skin features Broadway Joe Namath. The big question is...since when is Joe black? Seriously, he sounds black!

For comparison watch this, at 2:50 he says, “I guarantee it.”

Now, watch this commercial for the exact same phrase.

2/2/2019 - Good times

The 2020 election season has begun. I'm a MAGA voter and will be again in 2020 but isn't it fun to look at the other side of the ticket. There is a HUGE list of democrat hopefuls. Here is a partial list and my thoughts.

Cory Book aka/Spartacus - get your walleye fixed, no one wants to see that for 4 years
Joe Biden - from my great state of Delaware or Scranton, PA - pffft, you're dumb
John Hickenlooper - who the hell is he and who wants to say that last name
Eric Holder - go ahead and try to kick me, dumbass
Robert Francis O'Rourke - why would your Irish family give you a Spanish nickname plus if you can't beat Ted Cruz, why would you think you can beat Trump
Elizabeth Warren - u-hna-lv-hi
Howard Schultz(I) - you should have stuck to coffee
Hillary Clinton - though she hasn't announced, you know she will - BAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Bernie Sanders(I) - you are going to blow out your carotid if you don't stop SCREAMING

2/2/2022 - Tips before your spouse dies

Here are some tips that I've learned with the death of my husband. Have your own credit cards. If you have individual credit cards you w...