4/30/18 - Roadtrip 2018

Five weeks.
3900 miles.
Some mishaps.
Lots of fun.
Excellent weather (in Texas).
Beautiful US of A.

We left Millsboro March 23, 2018 on our exciting adventure. Little did I know by the end of the day I wanted to kill David and sell the blasted trailer. Needless to say things got better, well for most days.

So not to dwell on the negative, I'll move on to the good stuff.  After all, we all get sick of the negative, right?

David did the lion share of the driving, ok, he drove 3800 miles. I drove a little over 100 miles on I-10 and wasn't that scared.  I even passed a few 18-wheelers! I didn't do any backing up as the few times I tried around here I failed miserably.

Max, the happy traveler, loves camping! He gets to smell new pee sites and gets to deposit some of his own. I think the best time Max had was when we were still in Terlingua, TX and he got to run in the desert off-leash and even did some rock climbing with me.

Here he is in Boerne, TX
 On our way south we had to stop to see this guy for some gasoline.
Pedro says...

We did quite a few nights of boondocking.  P.S. I don't like it.  One night we stayed at a Pilot/Flying J and saw how them Georgia boys go muddin'.
That's some red Georgia clay right there
I got to eat some mudbugs in Loooosiana. They were pretty good too. David would not. He doesn't know what's good!
Mudbugs from Hammond, LA

We got to see Meghan quite a few times whilst we were in Texas. She came to camp out with us in Terlingua and Boerne. More about our adventure in Big Bend in another post.  Boerne (pronounced Bernie) isn't far from her apartment.
We spent a few nights in Uvalde, TX. It's the start (or end, depending on your perspective) of the Texas Hill Country. We went for a ride out in their country, beautiful!

 Then we got to the Pecos. These photographs were taken from the east so we didn't see Yosemite Sam.

On the west bank of the Pecos was my first sighting of a Chupacabra, it was after a goat. By the time I got my phone up to take its picture, it vanished.  More about the Chupacabra in my upcoming blog of Meghan and my adventure in Big Bend.

And finally...west Texas! I get serious ranch envy when we go out there. I love that beautiful area of Texas.

Temperature in the 90's.
5-10% humidity.
Sunny, sunny, sunny only interrupted by darkness.

I love this place!! Can you tell?

I got to spend the day with Meghan on her birthday. I hadn't seen her on her birthday in quite a few years.  We even got our hairs cut!

It was a sad time for me to leave her and to leave Texas. We had a blast together and you'll see that in a future post.

David, Max and I had a wonderful vacation. My bed felt so good when we got home. Here's hoping the next trip will be soon.

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