7/6/2021 - Great American Roadtrip Part 1

David and I left June 2020 on our Great American Roadtrip and travelled over 10,000 miles and visited 18 states. All in the middle of a pandemic, what were we thinking? Here are some photos of our trip, if the campground was great, I'll leave a link. Some of these places we stayed I'd stay at again.

Mama Gertie's Hideaway Campground

The mountains of North Carolina hold a tender spot in my heart. We camped there when I was a kid and that's where I fell in love with mountains and cold mountain streams.

Twin Lakes Catfish Farm

We camped and ate catfish and hushpuppies and more catfish, and what's catfish without hushpuppies?

Elk City/Clinton KOA Foss, OK

A Mississippi Kite that we saw in Foss, OK. I love taking pictures of birds and clouds.

More to come...come back soon...wait, don't leave...there will be more tomorrow...

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