7/3/2021 - What do you do when the candle burns out?

I love candles. I don't burn them as much as I want (or remember). Once those amazing smells burn down to the end, what do you do with the jars? Seriously, what do you do?

I could probably count 3 or 4 empty candle jars in my room. I can't find it in me to throw them away. I keep thinking there is something I can put in them. But nope, they sit empty, maybe with a little trace of candle wax still in them. Some are so pretty I don't want to throw them away, some are just empty. 

Now you tell me, is this weird? p.s. I already know the answer to that.

Use of empty candle jars:

1.  Change keepers.

2.  Pour new wax and make a new candle.

3.  Make a terrarium.

4.  Use in your pantry? Yankee candles, maybe.

5.  Desk organization e.g., rubber bands, paper clips, etc.

6.  Craft storage.

7.  Sit on my shelf and collect dust.

8.  Flower vase.

Candle jar reuse on Pinterest

You can find hundreds of ways to reuse those jars on Pinterest. This one I love and may use:

I guess I'm not the only person that can't throw them away.


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