3/27/2019 - Green New Deal gets flushed

The Green New Deal got flushed in the Senate 0-57. The Democrats that sponsored the resolution call it a sham vote (after all, we only have 12 years on our clocks). That's the way to support your own resolution Democrats, vote present. Three Democrats voted against the resolution.

In other news, you know that big glacier in Greenland, you know...the one that has been shrinking for decades? No? Well...wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, it's growing again. Whew! Maybe we can push that 12 years back to 13 years. Greenland's Jakobshavn glacier has slowed its retreat, gathered more and thicker ice and is now headed towards the ocean again. Good news right? Well, one would think so, and you would be WRONG! It's gaining ice again because of cyclical changes in the ocean temperature. Huh, who knew? Well scientists know that the earth goes through warming and cooling processes. Then why the big hub bub? Politics. Which brings me back to The Green New Deal, hub bub.

3/22/2019 - Ryan Thompson, a member of my family

Ryan Thompson from Kittitas, WA was a member of my family. Ryan was only 42, had a wife and three children. He was a member of Kittitas Sheriff’s Department. He was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who had overstayed his work visa. The illegal also shot another Deputy, shattering his femur. I didn’t know Ryan but I mourn his loss nonetheless. May his memory be for blessing.

The illegal was shot and killed, justice meted out.

ETA: I emailed my Senators Coons and Carper the following...

Sir, Tuesday night an illegal immigrant murdered a Sheriff’s Deputy in the state of Washington. I retired from the Delaware State Police and consider this Deputy a member of my family. He leaves behind a wife and three children.

Why then would you not stand behind the POTUS and protect my family with a wall that will benefit us all? Why would you not want to protect your own family? You failed Deputy Ryan Thompson’s family, don’t fail any other member of my family.

3/18/2019 - Australian Senator hits boy

According to the news an Australian Senator hits a boy after the boy smashes an egg on the Senators head. The Senator had been responding to the New Zealand massacre at a mosque. The Senators response may not be to the liking of a lot of people but to hit a boy? How horrible is that? The boy was then trending as #eggboy. Horrible right?

I applaud and cheer on that Senator! If that were my kid I’d say he got what he asked for. I think most people’s response would have been similar. You hit me from behind with something and I’m going to turn around swinging. The kid gets his phone ready before he does the deed. He puts the egg smack down on the Senator and then the Senator puts the smack down on the kid. Justice meted out.

Now what I haven’t heard in the news is...


3/17/2019 - Saint Patrick’s Day

Thank you Saint Patrick for spreading Christianity throughout Ireland. It’s a fascinating story of a young man, stolen into slavery, who then in turn came back to a country to save them from their pagan ways.

Today we celebrate this Saint who was never canonized as such. Today we celebrate by drinking green beer, wearing o’ the green or pinching those who don’t and of course hearing o’ the bagpipes.

Why God why? The bagpipes sound like a sack of cats being squeezed by a vise. The bagpipes must be the most annoying musical instrument (if you can call it that) in the entire freaking universe! God himself is probably plugging His ears. I know I want to stick an ice pick in my ears.

Can’t wait until tomorrow.

3/15/2019 - Blog alert - MS bitch session

One of the MANY reasons I have to complain about MS is following:

You’ve probably seen fire walking or someone lie on a bed of nails, right? Ok, now picture hot coals and nails on the floor. Got that? Now imagine walking on that...hurts, huh? Now imagine that feeling whether you are walking or standing or sleeping (or trying to).

Herein lies my problem today (and a lot of days). Nothing I’ve tried helps with this horrible pain. It ruins any plans you may have. So I’m sitting here this morning with my feet on cold packs hoping I can freeze away the pain.


3/13/2019 - Jexodus #Jexodus

I applaud the Jewish model, Elizabeth Pipko, for being the spokeswoman for the Jewish Exodus movement of leaving the democratic party. She was also a campaign staffer for POTUS Trump's 2016 run.

Jexodus is comprised of Jewish Millennials tired of leftist politics, as am I. Tired of the anti-Semitism blatantly spoken or tweeted with no recourse.

The anti-hate House Bill never calls out Ilhan Omar. She should be removed from all committees and removed from office.

There is no place in this country for this hate. Never again!

3/12/2019 - I call BS!

Moana Patterson, a 60 year old teacher in Ogden UT had a boy wash the ashes off his head on Ash Wednesday. This teacher then apologized on TV saying she didn't know that it was a religious symbol. Seriously? A 60 year old teacher didn't know? Has she never looked at a calendar and saw "Ash Wednesday" and wonder why? BS!

Here is her apology.

The Breakfast Club puts it this way.

Crazy world we live in.

3/8/2019 - Hyperboles.org

I finally did it. I've been wanting to do it for a while now. It really isn't that expensive. It may bring in new traffic, who knows. I like the name because I like the subject.


hyperboles.org is mine, all mine!

As a stay-at-home Mom of Birdie I have some time on my hands. I like to blog. The downside of my life with MS is I hurt all the time (that's not a hyperbole). I want to blog more than I do, I hope I can.


Why hyperboles? I love them! As you may have noticed in previous post I have a problem, at times, with what people say and how they say them. We probably have all used hyperboles in our speech.

  • Her brain is the size of a pea. (AOC)
  • I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.
  • I'm so tired I could sleep forever.
  • I have a million things to do today.

With that being said I am launching a new addition to my posts, you know, besides me bitching about MS or politics or how much I love Birdie; hyperboles.

If you use a favorite one or two or someone is getting under your skin (did you get that one?) you can post in the comments. I'd love to hear them and will probably feature them in a post.

What do you think?

3/4/2019 - Minnesota

Since the late ‘90’s I thought Minnesotans were less than smart. Jesse Ventura as governor, I thought, was a joke. Maybe the weather affects something in their minds. But what can I say, upstate Delaware kept voting for diarrhea of the mouth Joe Biden.

Now comes Ilhan Omar. What a lovely woman, seriously, she’s beautiful. Pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside. Her anti-Semitic thoughts and remarks have no place in our country. When we liberated the Jews from concentration camps they (and we) said “Never Again”. We cannot erase what was done by anti-Semites. We cannot have that voice in our government. Never Again!

Hopefully the addled brain Minnesotans can borrow a thought process next year and get her out of there.

Plus, don’t you think her hair is dry by now?

Brought to you by Op-Ed Dawn. Yeah, I might change my official name.

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