9/2/17 - #whatbafflesme - pt. 2 - Youtube

I had Cali all summer and we've had a great time.  I'm also very excited that school starts Tuesday...Heehee.  Normally we do stuff in the mornings, she goes home to eat lunch with Mommy and Daddy and she comes back and we rest, watch tv or in her case, watch YouTube.  Usually we are laying in GiGi's bed so I know what she's watching.  If I'm not in there with her I check on her often.  She likes watching American Girl videos or ones with Barbie but as of late she has found a YouTube channel that is a family entitled 8 Passengers. It seems to be a family with 6 kids from Utah.  The family is pretty and for Cali, it's entertaining.  They post new content on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays with occasional bonus videos.  I suppose the mom is a SAHM because she is the videographer.  It looks like she has been doing this for a couple years.  You can see doctor's visits, potty training, home schooling and vacations to name a few. They have over a million subscribers, seriously, you can check for yourself.

For this, it is a double banger #whatbafflesme.

#whatbafflesme number 1 is:  Will this Mom ever look back on her children's two-years in front of the camera or phone or GoPro and realize how much she has missed?  Sure they have gotten free stuff for creating "advertisements" with her family.  Will her kids look back on this and say, Hey, I was potty training, that's private?  Does she realize that while watching some of this with Cali all I can do is stare at that spot on her lip?  Ok, maybe that was a low blow but seriously, her face is big in the camera and she has a spot on her lip!

#whatbafflesme number 2 is:  Who the hell are these over a million subscribers that have nothing better to do with their life than to watch someone else's family?

Don't get me wrong, there are thousands, maybe millions of people with YouTube channels that post everything their family is doing.  They take the time to do the videography and then they have to edit their videos and then they post them.  As a mother and grandmother I would be concerned with who actually is watching this.

Time has sure changed a lot since I was a young mother.  I hated going to work because I'd rather be home rocking my babies.  I'd rather be reading them a book than watching television.  I'd rather be snuggling with them than anything.  And now as a grandmother I'd rather be doing those things with my grandbabies.

Life goes by too fast.  You blink and they are grown.  In an instant they are leaving the nest and all you'll have are memories.

9/1/17 - #whatbafflesme - pt. 1 - Gone With The Wind

This movie, hands down, is my favorite.  My Mom took me to see the movie in the Ball Theater in Millsboro in the '60's.  At that time it was a loooooooong movie for a little kid but the intermission was pretty cool.  The film came out in 1939, the book was published 1936.  Millions of copies of the book has been sold and millions of viewers has seen the movie in one form or another.  I've probably read the book over 20 times and have watched the movie countless times.  Although it is a work of fiction, it is loosely based on events during and after the Civil War.  There was slavery before and after the Civil War, *gasp*.  We cannot erase history.  We cannot go back in time and change history.  It was a dark time for blacks in our country.  The war ended 152 years ago.

American Civil War
  • began April 12, 1861
  • ended May 9, 1865
    • Result: Union Victory
President Abraham Lincoln, by executive order, signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 freeing all slaves in 10 states.  That was 154 years ago.  (Stick with me, I'm going somewhere with this)
Now this dumbass theater in Memphis, TN has decided, after a 34-year tradition of screening the movie, to stop this years viewing.  A "few" patrons said the movie was "racially insensitive".  Ok, here's #whatbafflesme, if you find a movie, that's being shown in a theater that charges money to see said movie "racially insensitive", DON'T FRIGGING GO!  So instead of the Orpheum Theatre telling the "few" to stick it, they decided to pull this film from their summer program.  To the "few" Memphians that may or may not be offended by the film, pull up your big-girl panties and find something else to complain about.
Oh, FYI, Hattie McDaniel that played Mammy in the film was the first black actress to be nominated and win an Oscar.

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