8/29/14 - Got cheese?

I saw this cool vehicle tag the other day, "OMTG".  Oh mighty God.  Loved it! We in Delaware have our thing for vehicle tags.  Of course personal tags are popular everywhere.  We want the lowest digit tags as possible.  I was once offered $2000 for my 5 digit tag...shoulda took it!

On to the whine...

Yesterday, about 10 minutes before we were to leave, Mom calls me and says "I need help".  Thank goodness she called because I was taking a nap.  Anyway, she had gotten a cut key stuck in her ignition.  I don't know why she had a cut key for the car but I had kept her keys as she has a propensity to back it out of the garage, she doesn't have a license.  I don't know what year it started but keys have this chip in them that lets you take them out.  Well this cut key didn't, so...it stayed stuck.  We went to get gas and she stayed in the car while I was at the pump then we went on to get her hair done.  I locked the door with the key still in the ignition.  On the way home we stopped where she gets her car worked on...$800 later she has a new ignition.  In the last couple of weeks she has spent close to $2000 on a 20 year old car.  I call it her "Precious" cause I think she likes it more than she does me.  So with the additional stress and tension that the day had brought me I was hurting bad.  I haven't slept much due to the pain.  The down side of this, I bet at a little after 8am Mom will call me to take her somewhere.  The only time I'm getting my butt off this recliner is to use the restroom.

I've been doing some heavy-duty reading lately; after all I am a "professional reader".   You can see my reviews here.

Well, I have about 20 books to read so I better get at it.  Better days are coming (I hope).

8/19/14 ~ One room done and a pile of books to read

I cleaned my den yesterday and rearranged some furniture.  I've paid for it all night.

I'm not sure what it is about late summer and my stupid, stinking head.  For the past three summers the left side of my head hurts...feels funny...kinda numb...weird to touch and the left side of my face is numb.  I'm guessing the culprit is MS.  I better stop whining because I don't have any cheese to go with it.

I am now listed on The Kindle Book Review as a reviewer.  I've got a pile of books to review, well actually my pile is on my Kindle right now.  I have received a couple print books to review.  I love getting free books to review!!  I've done a few reviews already, you can check it out here.

Minutiae alert!!  I'm taking Mom's car to be serviced today.  It's a gray, cloudy day here in Slower, lower.  A great day for reading!

Better days are coming...be a sheep, not a goat (Matthew 25:32-46)

8/16/14 - Canning tomatoes day!!

This is it, first time for everything.  I've never canned before but I've watched Mom do it when I was A LOT younger.  Glad I had her experience to watch, some don't.  I'm also glad I watched my Mom cook, if not I don't think I would have done as well as I did.  Since I've ventured out in cooking more than she did I can say that I'm not a better cook, just more diverse.

I'm a little anxious to do this.  I'm going to make sauce out of the tomatoes and then finish them off in a hot water bath for safe measure.  I've got a lot to do before the cooking begins.  I haven't washed my jars yet.

I'll post my results.  I wish I had posted this from my phone so I could use that funny emoji of the scared grin.

Better days are coming...with some fresh tomatoes for winter.

8/14/14 - Why am I up this early?? Caramel Apple Cinnamon Bars by Averie Cooks

I woke up at 0415, what the heck?  I had a busy day yesterday so I thought that I'd sleep better and longer. Nope!  Yesterday I got some grandkids lovin'.  Baby Nash is still so tiny but he's filling out.  He feels like a feather compared to Cali when I was rocking them both.  Cali loves her little brother and I'm sure he'll love her.  She's a great big sister.

I've got another busy day today because I'm taking Mom clothes shopping and then to get her hair done. I'm glad I rested Tuesday.  Do you call this minutiae?  Well I've got a lot of minutiae.

I am a professional reader.  I've been selected to a few sites that offer books for reviews.  I told Mom about my new job and she said "What's it pay?".  I said "Books!!", what better pay is that?  

Anyway...guess what I found?  You don't have to go to the State Fair for these babies.

Averie Sunshine has written two cookbooks that look so yummy you could eat the covers.  She's just a little thing (I don't think she eats what she bakes lol).  I'm wondering how these cooks keep so slim.  Well if you know me you can tell I like to eat and I'd like to eat these bars.  I'm not much of a summer baker so I'm getting excited for fall and winter.  When you see David and I in the spring we'll be waddling.  Give Averie a look and bake up some love.

Hey Averie, if you need a blog review of your next cookbook let me know ;)

Better days are coming...in the fall when I bake some of these.

8/12/14 - Caramel Apple Dump Cake from Cents Less Deals

Carey's Camp is over and hopefully life returns as normal.  I said "hopefully"!!  I'm taking today off, or that is my plan, even though I only got a couple hours sleep last night (this morning).  I'm reading a book for review and have a couple more being shipped.  I told David that was my new job even though it only pays in free books.

My bff's Donna and Debbie and I were talking during Camp about "dump" cakes and how they were so easy to make.  I haven't made one in ages.  I came across this delicious looking one on Cents Less Deals and wanted to share with you all.  JB is a frugal blogger, a Mommy of 4, Christian and funny.  You'll find recipes and helpful hints on her site. Give her a look.

Now look at this beauty.  Four ingredients...I can handle that!

Oh my!!

After you make this let me know...I'll be over.

Better days are coming people, especially after you make this dump cake.

8/9/14 - Did you think I forgot you?

Well I haven't forgotten, just been busy with Carey's Camp.  Vacation Bible School is over and I got to sleep in this morning.  I haven't slept until 8am in ages.  It felt good.  My usual getting up time is 6am.  I can't just lay there and try and go back to sleep.

I've put some of my ripe tomatoes in the oven to roast this morning.  Not sure what I'll do with them but they will taste so good...olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano on top.  I'll pick some basil from the garden, maybe some fresh oregano and thyme and concoct something amazing.

I have had a blast this past week with Cali.  She's been so good and attended VBS every day.  Last night at the closing program, when her class came on the stage, she knew every word of her song along with the motions.  I'm so proud of her.

I'm blogging my book reviews at a new address:  Book Reviews Blogging Style.

Only two more nights of Camp.  I'll miss the fellowship with great friends and of course all the good services we've had.  What I won't miss is the dust, oh, and screaming kids!!!  I am thankful though that there are kids out there because they are our future Camp.  After 126 years we must keep looking towards the future of Camp and hopefully it's survival.

Well friends, better days are coming!


8/2/14 - Nash Anthony!! - ETA Cali!!

I am a GiGi again.  Nash Anthony was born last night at 10:03, he weighed 5lbs, 11.8oz and is 19 inches long.  He looks like his Daddy!  Kristin and Richard are both doing great.  I'm sure my princess Cali will be doing a lot of kissing and hugging of her baby brother today.  They are a wonderful young family and I pray God's rich blessings on them.

Yesterday afternoon while I was having lunch in the hospital cafeteria Richard brought Cali to me. We shared my lunch and upon leaving she wanted to buy herself and Nash a teddy bear.  After she touched everything in the hospital store we left to see how Mommy was.  Across from one set of elevators is a Chapel.  Cali went in the chapel and wanted to know all about it.  There is a place to kneel and pray.  I explained to her that people come in here and pray to Jesus.  She then asked if Jesus responded and I told her yes.  She wanted me to pray that Mommy and Nash would be ok.  I kneeled to pray and asked her to join but she wanted to just sit.  I prayed to Jesus that Mommy and Nash would be ok.  Then we went to leave and she asked me where I was going and I said to see Mommy and Daddy and she said, "We can't leave, we have to wait for Jesus to talk back."  Out of the mouths of babes!

#cutestbabies #GiGi

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