9/22/14 - The best boy

I'm on my second week of watching the best boy in the world.

Right now he is sleeping and smiling. Kristin thinks he's dreaming about Mommy but I know he's happy that GiGi is here.

Better days are coming, I watch him again on Friday.

9/11/14 - God in all His glory

The other day I was sitting outside (yes, smoking a cigarette) and I watched a spider take down her web.  I'll refer to the spider as she/her as I don't know what kind of spider nor the sex.  She would go down one of the anchor strings and clip it somehow and climb back up it taking it with her as she went.  She continued this until the web was dismantled.  I tried looking for her but she must have hid from me.  I saw this two days in a row and was fascinated.  I haven't researched it in any way but it got me thinking how awesome God is to make this spider in finite detail to do what she did.  Now I know my girlfriends would say "Ewwwww" about the spider but I'm sure would find it pretty cool.  Now if God loved this critter enough to have it do what it does how much more does He love us?  I find it funny (not ha ha) that there are people that have spent their lives studying things like this and yet still don't realize that there was a Creator.

Ok, I gotta go, I have a ton of reviews to write and I take mother to get her hairs did today.

Better days are coming!

9/1/14 - MS stinks

MS reared it's ugly head yesterday and quite possibly today.  The heat and humidity literally sucked all the energy out of me yesterday.  I could barely put one foot in front of the other.  Every nerve ending was stinging and vibrating.  I hate this crap!  I also think I'm getting a cold or having some allergy thing going on.  I had wanted to go out to Camp last night for the hymn sing but couldn't.  I took some Nyquil last night and my regular night-time meds and slept fairly well until 0530, which is my normal wake up time.  Now this morning, I'm drinking my second cup of coffee and still little to no energy.  I wanted to clean my kitchen today and tomorrow.  Not sure I can start it today.  When I feel like this I think I'm letting others down, especially myself.  I can't be relied on most times.  I push myself to do things that I don't feel like doing.  That pushing hurts me in the future, it wears me out days ahead.  I find out that my pain med is now a controlled substance and even though I have one refill left I have to get a new script.  I doubt that will happen and my GP won't perscribe it so...back to pain management I guess.  That means I'll be out of meds for a while.  I'm blue!

I wish...Better days are coming.

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