5/16/2019 - I don't know if there is a cure...

Hello, my name is Dawn and I'm a pedant. I don't think there is a cure. I'm pretty sure there isn't a 12-step program to help me either.

I'm neither a linguist nor am I a grammarian (I think I should end the sentence and post right there but you know I can't).

I live in the state of Minutiae (or Minutia) so saddle up!

As a SAHM of Birdie and a part-time bed rider I have a lot of time on my hands. While you are at work I watch a lot of television and troll Facebook. When I see you have misspelled something it causes a physical reaction in my brain. Sometimes that physical reaction in my brain causes a physical reaction in my fingers. I just can't help it. Most of the errors I see are from someone other than my friends. If I correct my friends they don't hang around too long. You have to understand this is a disease (kinda like an alcoholic has a disease). I'm using a lot of parens today (I know when you use both they are parentheses). Most of the time the errors are in memes that you share.

Please stop sharing memes with incorrect spelling or grammar, it hurts me.

It's a disease

5/7/2019 - Robert McKeithen, a member of my family

Officer Robert McKeithen from the Biloxi, MS Police Department was a member of my family. Sunday night, May 5, 2019, Officer McKeithen was gunned down in the parking lot of his police department. Officer McKeithen was a 23-year veteran of his police department and was scheduled to retire later this year. Officer McKeithen was a husband and a father and a veteran from the United States Air Force. His Chief described him as a "gentle man that treated people with dignity and respect". Unfortunately the piece of shit that murdered him couldn't do that. I didn't know Robert but I mourn his loss nonetheless. May his memory be for blessing.

The 19-year old piece of shit has been arrested, unfortunately there wasn't a suicide by cop. Unfortunately justice has not been meted out. ETA: this piece of shit was smiling while handcuffed going into the police department.

5/5/2019 - Jordan Sheldon, a member of my family

Canine Officer Jordan Harris Sheldon from Mooresville, NC was a member of my family. Saturday night, May 4, 2019 Officer Sheldon was shot during a routine traffic stop. Jordan was 32 years old and a six-year veteran of the Mooresville, NC police department. I didn't know Jordan but I mourn his loss nonetheless. May his memory be for blessing.

The suspect was later found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Justice meted out by self.

2/2/2022 - Tips before your spouse dies

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