7/10/2021 - Red rocks of the southwest - The Grand Canyon - The Great American Roadtrip part 2

There is a lot of mysticism about red rocks. One example you may know is in Sedona, AZ. Although beautiful, the city has become too, lets say weird, for me to stay long. Sedona has portrayed the "mystical vortexes" as their call to cash. I can't say I believe the mysticisms, I do believe that red rocks are healers. If you find yourself in a place of red rocks you will feel comforted, calm, and have a feeling of well-being. Let all the hippies stay in Sedona, I'm going to the Grand Canyon.
As a lot of landscape in the southwest (ancient ruins, slot canyons, arches) red rock landscapes are mostly found in the Colorado Plateau of northern Arizona. The sedimentary strata underlying this large region are colored various shades of red, yellow, and gray and exposed in many places, either in canyons, plateau edges or other eroded formations.  
If you ever get the opportunity to go to The Grand Canyon, go. You may overhear park rangers tell anxious tourist that the canyon is a bazillion years old. I personally don't believe it but I like to listen just the same.
Our first trip to The Grand Canyon was in 2007, on our honeymoon in February. Our second trip there was in August of 2007 to celebrate my retirement. Our third and possibly our last trip was last year during The Great American Roadtrip. Let's get to some photos.

These are from last year when we were there. We stayed AT The Grand Canyon in one of their campgrounds. By far the best place to stay. As you can see we had a couple visitors to our camground. This was the first of August, 2020 and very hot. I went to the empty campsites and turned their water on dripping to give my friends some water. One morning I watched an Elk stand there for over an hour getting a drink.
I can't say I've never made it below the rim, in 2007 I did make it below the rim on that trip. I'll have to dig up the pictures for that trip.
More to come...don't go away...please come back...wait, there's more...

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