6/29/2021 - It's about to get crazy


I've been planning on blogging every day in July. I've got some great subjects that I've been researching. A lot of times when I blog it is whatever is on my mind. Hopefully, in July you'll find some subjects interesting. I think my friends on Facebook are a little tired of my political posts. That's ok, they can slide on by. If my blog post is political, I'll show it in the title.

Some subjects include voting records for Delaware's representatives, Joe Biden, life with MS, what the heck is going on in this country, and a few surprises. I might even throw in a few recipes. I also have tons of pictures from our adventures. 

Stay tuned...

6/15/2021 - It's all about me - Understanding

David and I were talking about understanding yesterday. There are people that can't understand, like children. For instance, my grandchildren can't understand why GiGi needs to rest.  Most people can't understand why I'm not more active and they can't possibly understand why I'm not. Then there are people that won't understand. They understand the situation but won't show you understanding. I guess I'm describing empathy more than anything. That grieves me. 

2/2/2022 - Tips before your spouse dies

Here are some tips that I've learned with the death of my husband. Have your own credit cards. If you have individual credit cards you w...