03/28/2020 - This mess that I call a brain

I don't know if it's the MS or just old age that makes my brain work as it does. Whenever something a little off bothers my brain, it recycles it over and over until I write it down. There is some relief until something new niggles at it.

I haven't blogged this whole year! Sometimes life gets in the way of doing certain things, this is one of them. When it feels sometimes like you are overwhelmed by what life throws your way, trivial things don't matter.

I'm vanquishing my current niggles. If this offends you, well, think my way and you won't get offended. LMAO! Better keep that helmet on because you're in for a rough ride.

A "neighbor" is someone who lives near you.
A "nabor" is this:

Dear Alicia Keys, take some singing lessons because you have a nasal voice. Dear Alexa, please don't play any Alicia Keys.

When I trained police officers and others I'd tell them you can't teach common sense. My sentiment still stands.

"Bored" means weary of dullness.
"Board" is a flat piece of wood.

On Facebook I delete people that are plain stupid. If you find you are no longer my friend, reflect on that.

Dear men, if you want a good woman to stand by your side, quit with the selfies. You just look gay. I know you think you are pretty, you're not.

People that use "nd" for "and" and "u" for "you" are dumb.

Some friends, that are democrats, are stupid. Seriously stupid. You can't even have a good argument with them. See above pending deletion.

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

Mark Twain 

iHeart radio is having a living room concert this Sunday performed by people no one wants to listen to. Gee thanks! They will request donations to help America.

I don't like new neighbor lady. My daughter and I were standing outside talking yesterday and this new bitch comes out her door and asks "What's the matter?" WTF?!?! She talks to me too much. I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE!!

I think I'm done for now. You probably won't believe me when I tell you...I feel better.

PSA: Stay safe, wash your hands, if you see me...leave me alone lol

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