4/16/14 - 3 hours of MRI's

And they didn't miss a minute of it.  They did change things across my body and gave me one bathroom break I was in there for 3 hours.  They deemed one where they wouldn't be able to use in diagnosis as I moved too much, been telling you all about my tremors.  They finally got some pictures of my orbits and of my spine so we'll see at the end of the month if there are little white dots on them.  I'm praying no dots, I ask for you to join me.

I woke up at 1:30 am and someone on Facebook had posted that it had been snowing.  No more I say, I'm tired of being cold.  I did get this cool pair of booties from the MRI place yesterday though.  I have a doctors appointment (what else is new) this morning and then I'm going to rush home and put them on.  I tried to get the robe they had but the tech wouldn't let me have it even though I told him he looked Icelandic like my friend Kris that often writes comments here, he said nope.  I told him I could sneak it out no one would know.  Still nope.  I think if I have to go back I'll have one if he's working again.  It's Christiana Care, they'll never miss it...shhhhhh.

F*ck it, all I care about is Cali.  I don't care about this blog, just her.

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4/12/14 - Going to a ball game

I didn't know that Cali and Braydon played on the same team so Cathy is taking me with her today.  Grandmother's Day!! Can't wait!

We went to the beach yesterday, it was such a beautiful day.  I found a few pieces of beach glass and David found a couple pieces too.

The sand was so warm, the breeze was very nice, the water FREEZING!!!!

No, not pulling out my hair
An update for my camping friends...I was going to stop at the south side and take some pictures of the campground and what they have done but they were in there working on it.  There are new roofs on the old bath houses in old camp and it looked like they may have the same in new camp.  New camp was straightened up but I'm not sure anything has been done in there.  It did look pretty flat in there so hoping that they threw some extra dirt in.  When I see more or get to take a picture I'll show you.

Ok, guess that's it for today, always remember...

Better days are coming.

4/8/14 - Free coffee

After going to bed at around 10:30 pm last night and going to sleep around 11 I woke up with a start at 12:30 am.  The free coffee this morning from McD's hit the spot.  Once I was up at 12:30 I couldn't go back to sleep so I tried to put pen to paper, that didn't work.  I played some games.  I looked up what startled me awake...yikes, not giving the devil a toe hold.  Tried putting pen to paper again, still nothing because my eyes wouldn't cooperate.  Read some of Dan Gaffney's show teases on Facebook for his radio show.  Plugged my ear buds in around 5:30 am. and started listening to Dan on Delaware 105.9 and finally fell asleep, not because he was boring, but because I was exhausted.

I finally got my knee x-rayed yesterday, it's not broken!  I can decide if I want to get an MRI to see if anything else is wrong inside.  I think I'll wait on that since I have 3 hours of MRI's next week on head, orbits and spine.  I'll just need ear plugs and I'm good.  I hope they don't have the kind that you have to wear the headphones, they are not good for sleeping.  If I have earplugs I can fall asleep and the technician will wake me up to give me the shot to light up the show.  I don't mind the MRI's but I'm hoping this will be the end of them for a bit.

So I've never introduced you to my artwork.  I've taken some old things off and put some new things on the site.  It's my Etsy shop, this is what I have for sale.  The name of it is Be One Creations and you will be able to read why it is named that.  Be One Creations

One of these days, hopefully soon, will be headed this way, Avery Island, Louisiana
Our Home | Avery Island | TABASCO.COM
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4/4/14 - My MS Connection

  • My nephew Chris has been riding his bike all winter getting ready for the Bike to the Beach.
  • My brother Mike has given me encouragement.
  • My sister-in-law Sherry has given me encouragement.
  • My aunt Dolores continues in prayer for me.
  • My Mom Ruth continues in prayer for me.
  • My best friend Donna continues in prayer for me and we giggle.
  • My niece Kim when I feel like b*tching.
  • My friend and neighbor Cathy when I just need to cheat.
  • My husband David who has cleaned up things no one should, driven me everywhere, waited on me, picked me up from falls, prayed, worried, listened, reasoned, taken me to Dr. appointments, gotten up early, stayed up late, cooked, washed dishes :), kept me in Coke, done the grocery shopping, cleaned and loved me.

4/4/14 - Cali

I mailed Cali a card today so if she doesn't get it or if it gets returned, y'all are my witness.  Plus, I wanted to boost my view count.

She's my Gem, she will always be.  I'll love her to the end as she will me.  I'll always be her GiGi.  That no one can take away.

Two things to remember today...the sun don't shine up one dogs ass forever and,

Better days are coming.

4/3/14 - You will not believe this!!

OMGosh, I just found sandwich heaven.  It's from another blogger, Paula Jones, 101 Favorite Sandwich Recipes.


When I saw the mini muffuletta she had me.  Now I may be the only one eating that one but that's ok with me.

I do believe that 4 am is my new time to get up.  Second day in the row now.  I woke up again before the mockingbird did.  So what do you do at 4 am...doodle.  I've been doing a little bit more now.  If 4 am is going to be my new morning I think I'm going to "try" to get some things done around the house.  I can have a lot done by lunch time.

We went to Bible study at Randy and Donna's church last night.  The study was called "The Story".  It has been a while since I've been in church.  I don't think I'm ready to go back for Sunday services but I've always liked a Bible study. I love being with my besties. 

We went shopping this morning at Walmart and I didn't use my cane.  I did pretty well until the end when I got very tired.  Now I've been tired the rest of the day but it was nice to be without it.  Since Dr. Davis has modified some of my meds I'm not as unstable walking.  I did take a nap this afternoon so I'm unsure if that will change my waking hour.  You will be notified.

I'm going to take my own advice and check out all 101 of these sandwiches.  Hey, remember...better days are coming.

4/2/14 - Here's what I don't understand

I felt like something was wrong and woke up or something was wrong and woke me up at 4 am but either way I was up at 4 am...yeehaw!!  I got up and looked around and couldn't find anything.  So I took a handful of ibuprofen (see below) and started putzing around on the internet.

If you know me you know I question a lot of things.  Here's one:  Say you are looking for my blog and you know that it has "Dawn" and "Awesome" in the title then why in the heck when you search for it doesn't it bring up those words together first?  Huh?

Frustrated Dawn??  Why yes I am, over several things, some of which I shall not mention.

I went to my GP the other day because I had had some things I wanted her to check.  The earthquake leg spasms, dizziness, heart palpitations, and breathing problems all may be from meds.  So she took some away, dropped some down and I'm feeling better already.  When you have several doctors this is bound to happen.  She also checked my leg that I hurt about a month ago from a fall.  She took her tiny fingers and dug into areas that hurt and made them hurt worse, and she dug her tiny fingers into areas that really hurt and made them really, really hurt.  If she wasn't such a good doctor to me I might had to sit on her little butt.  I've lost 9 pounds which is from drinking water that I hate and now am going back on.

I've been a quitter for 6 months now.  I do cop a puff now and then at my neighbor and friend Cathy's house.  She calls on me when something is wrong with the house and in return I smoke a couple cigarette's.  Ok, ok, It's a couple cigarette's...I have MS for pity sake's, can't I have a couple cigarette's a week?  Well I will if I want to so there, case closed.  I'm a 55 year old woman and...well, I'm not arguing with you anymore about it. ;)

I want to be reinstated to be a book look blogger again.  I am biting my lip to curb my frustrations.  I would kindly ask you if you have a Google+ account and if you are familiar with circles that you could add me to as many circles as possible.  That would be to:  Open this please kind person.  If you have a Google+ account you will see a box or something under my head, that's where you can add me to all the circles you want, the more the merrier.  Thank you so much.  I need 30 to be able to resubmit my application. *sigh*  These are Christian books from a Christian publishing house.  Thank the Lord it's not any harder.

I made a card to go back to the children from Miss T's first grade class at Lighthouse Christian School.  Maybe I shouldn't have put this after the above.  Moving on...

I had most all the colors they had used but I sure couldn't draw a bird like the one young lady.  God love them.  I mailed it off yesterday.  I hope they enjoy it.  I get to see my bestie tonight, hopefully they got their card or I get to meet Miss T.

Please remember, better days are coming.

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