7/9/2021 - And you thought all my emails didn't work

Yesterday I announced that I was published and that I wasn't attributed at all. HA! I sent them an email and told them if I didn't get credit, it would be the last work they saw of mine.
Now it says by Dawn Lewis. Cureup.org
Why is this a big deal? It's not for you probably. No one celebrates more accomplishments than the author. There are much better blogs to read, I like reading cooking blogs myself. For the most part, this blog is for me and maybe some for my real friends. You know, real friends that want to see milestones in your life, friends that are there for you when you need, friends that are family. I used to have a lot of those friends but they've dwindled away. Now I've got friends that ARE there for me, that DON'T talk behind my back, that DON'T abandon a friend in need. To think I wasted all that time on them. The past is in the past.
h/t to Elsa.

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