8/27/16 - Miscellany

Those of you that know me knows I hate washing dishes. I've never lived in a home that had a dishwasher and wouldn't know how to fill one or run one. That being said I have taken on the Herculean task of doing the dishes this morning. When my DH wakes up and sees that I have done that will respond with his typical "I was going to do that today.".  Anyone want to take a bet on that?
My list of things to do today was: Do nothing today. Ha! I can't mark that as completed.
Since I wake up before the sun does I should be able to get a lot done. So far I have washed a sink full of dishes with another one waiting for me, fed grandpuppy, grandkitties, and grandfishes, putzed around on the internet and then decided to write some.
I have book reviews I need to write and several books I'm reading; one of which is about Eleanor Roosevelt being a lesbian...I know! Who would have thunk it?!? It's not my cup of tea and I learned a valuable lesson; before requesting a book, read some about it. Sheesh!
Before long both of my babies will be in school. Cali is going in the first grade and Nash is going into a daycare. I will be getting Cali on and off the bus so I'll see her everyday. I'm surely gonna miss my baby boy a lot. He sings Jesus woves me with me when I am snuggling him to sleep and then we sing it "Aden!" (again). When you are a mother you come the closest to unconditional love here on earth. When you are a grandmother you have the opportunity to get it right the second time around. 
Before I wax poetic and get myself in a crying jag I'm gonna do the dishes.

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