7/5/2021 - The morning after, back to reality - Senate voting

Granted Congress does some messed-up stuff but this one caught my eye. 

S. 1260: United States Innovation and Competition Act of 2021

A bill to establish a new Directorate for Technology and Innovation in the National Science Foundation, to establish a regional technology hub program, to require a strategy and report on economic security, science, research, innovation, manufacturing, and job creation, to establish a critical supply chain resiliency program, and for other purposes.

Look pretty innocuous right? They have to put in amendments like:

S. Amdt 1771 (Braun) to S. 1260: To amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit certain types of human-animal chimeras.

Human-animal chimeras:

  • a human embryo into which a nonhuman cell or cells (or the component parts thereof) have been introduced to render the embryo's membership in the species Homo sapiens uncertain;
  • a chimera human/animal embryo produced by fertilizing a human egg with nonhuman sperm;
  • chimera human/animal embryo produced by fertilizing a nonhuman egg with human sperm;
  • an embryo produced by introducing a nonhuman nucleus into a human egg;
  • an embryo produced by introducing a human nucleus into a nonhuman egg;
  • an embryo containing at least haploid sets of chromosomes from both a human and a nonhuman life form.
  • a nonhuman life form engineered such that human gametes develop within the body of a nonhuman life form; or
  • a nonhuman life form engineered such that it contains a human brain or a brain-derived wholly or predominantly from human neural tissues.
Now as a thinking person I believe these to be unethical. As a Senator in Delaware, I think this is a good idea.

Senator Coons and Carper both voted Nay. The vote was 48-49, thankfully the amendment was rejected as they required a 3/5.

Tell me how you sleep at night knowing you voted for these two clowns. Also, tell me how you sleep at night after viewing the human-animal chimera from Google images. Terrifying!

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