11/29/2019 - Confession(s) of a Rebel

0300 hrs - the day after Thanksgiving. The bones in my calves feel like that jerk that shakes your hand and grinds your bones together, yeah, that’s a good analogy.

Now the confession...

I’ve never breathed this to anyone so keep it on the dl, or qt for you old folks. I grew up in church and attended a small, country church. We had a string bean of a preacher that had teeth that would fit in at  the Kentucky Derby. He never went in a bar because he didn’t want to hear, “Why the long face?”  (Come on! That’s funny!) Anyway...when he greeted me at the door on the way out, would grind my hand bones. I was a smart mouth brat in my youth but I let this slide for several Sundays. One Sunday I felt pretty bratty that I stepped on his boat of a foot, leaned in and said, “If you crush my hand again you’ll see how solid my left hook is!” I could hardly get out the door before I busted out laughing. If my parents had known this I still wouldn’t be able to sit down. Even though I was full of bluff, he never called my hand...or crushed it.

Whew! That did feel good, and good for another chuckle.

11/24/19 - MuSings

I'm so sick of waking up at 0300! What would you do? This morning I'm making my last will and testament...well, I've started it. I hope David and my daughters can live with a little ambiguity.

I'm making a pork roast today with roasted root vegetables. Mmmmmmmm

We are going to Kristin and Richard's for Thanksgiving dinner. Richard's parents will also be there. I know this holiday season will be so hard on my daughters. Losing a parent is very hard, probably the hardest thing that they've been through. I just hope that they can enjoy the season even with a heavy heart. I hope they can capture a little joy this time of year.

I've had my Christmas shopping done for about a week now. Now comes the fun part, wrapping.


11/22/19 - MuSings

When I have a lot of things on my mind I must get them out. The demons in my brain keep wiggling around and I have to let them out! Ok, here goes. Keep in mind I watch a lot of television.

I'm a white girl, I was born this way. I wonder if black people dance as much in real life as they do in commercials. I also wonder if black people that have their DNA tested are really "shocked" that their roots are in Africa. If this is racist...get over it and get your own blog.

I hate Delaware weather. I wish I had been born somewhere else. I hate it here. If my girls were somewhere else I'd move there. I know "hate" is a strong word but I hate.

I've lost 28 pounds in 8 months and I don't know why.

I love expensive perfume. Eh, gotta love something.

Your words still haunt me. "I miss the old Dawn" so do I but I'm still me. My feelings still get hurt. I'm not the most pleasant person in the world and I don't expect you to like the "new" Dawn. If you only knew how much of a struggle it is for me to visit with you in the summer. High heat makes me go into a pseudoexacerbation. I won't be doing it again. Do yourself a favor, if you can't be a friend, don't be one.

Mark is the lucky one.

My nose will not stop running. I don't think it's allergies, I think it's a cold. I was at the hospital for a couple hours yesterday and unfortunately, there are sick people in the hospital.

I think I've silenced the goblins for a few minutes.


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