8/2/14 - Nash Anthony!! - ETA Cali!!

I am a GiGi again.  Nash Anthony was born last night at 10:03, he weighed 5lbs, 11.8oz and is 19 inches long.  He looks like his Daddy!  Kristin and Richard are both doing great.  I'm sure my princess Cali will be doing a lot of kissing and hugging of her baby brother today.  They are a wonderful young family and I pray God's rich blessings on them.

Yesterday afternoon while I was having lunch in the hospital cafeteria Richard brought Cali to me. We shared my lunch and upon leaving she wanted to buy herself and Nash a teddy bear.  After she touched everything in the hospital store we left to see how Mommy was.  Across from one set of elevators is a Chapel.  Cali went in the chapel and wanted to know all about it.  There is a place to kneel and pray.  I explained to her that people come in here and pray to Jesus.  She then asked if Jesus responded and I told her yes.  She wanted me to pray that Mommy and Nash would be ok.  I kneeled to pray and asked her to join but she wanted to just sit.  I prayed to Jesus that Mommy and Nash would be ok.  Then we went to leave and she asked me where I was going and I said to see Mommy and Daddy and she said, "We can't leave, we have to wait for Jesus to talk back."  Out of the mouths of babes!

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