10/28/15 - Copaxone

I received the Copaxone yesterday and will be scheduling the nurse for training on the injections. I pray this MS drug helps me in every way it can. I spoke with my MS peer and she's been on it for 15 years and her MS is no worse than when she was diagnosed. Sounds good to me. Obviously it doesn't heal the MS but I pray it gets no worse.
So my seemingly monthly bronchitis is getting better. Lungs are still crackling but not as bad. MS is an autoimmune disease, your body is attacking itself, so I'm guessing that lowers my immune system and enables me to catch anything. I need to get blood work done, if I get a night that I'm not taking anything after midnight. I need to go to my PCP and find out this stuff plus get a flu shot. By then I might be able to give it to myself.

Laundry day today. With my lung capacity I might camp out in the basement.

Oh my gosh, I made the best bacon and baked potato soup yesterday...it was my first time. It was awesome! The down side of that is I realize that bacon gives me indigestion. WTH!?!?!? I LOVE BACON!!!! It was ok when sausage gave me indigestion, I didn't love it! So I'm in bacon mourning. I don't want to talk about it.
I've lost 10 pounds. Don't know where either. I looked behind me and it's not there. I'm not gonna look too hard because I don't want it back.
My laundry calls...better days are coming.


  1. Hi Dawn :) I hope U'r feel'n good. I hope u like the "Copaxone" & it helps u alot

  2. Hi :) I hope u'r do' n good & gladnu'r soup came out great 4 the 1st time..Yaay! I hope u'r lungs r heal'n & that u have a content & good feel'n weekend, take care!☺


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