9/1/17 - #whatbafflesme - pt. 1 - Gone With The Wind

This movie, hands down, is my favorite.  My Mom took me to see the movie in the Ball Theater in Millsboro in the '60's.  At that time it was a loooooooong movie for a little kid but the intermission was pretty cool.  The film came out in 1939, the book was published 1936.  Millions of copies of the book has been sold and millions of viewers has seen the movie in one form or another.  I've probably read the book over 20 times and have watched the movie countless times.  Although it is a work of fiction, it is loosely based on events during and after the Civil War.  There was slavery before and after the Civil War, *gasp*.  We cannot erase history.  We cannot go back in time and change history.  It was a dark time for blacks in our country.  The war ended 152 years ago.

American Civil War
  • began April 12, 1861
  • ended May 9, 1865
    • Result: Union Victory
President Abraham Lincoln, by executive order, signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 freeing all slaves in 10 states.  That was 154 years ago.  (Stick with me, I'm going somewhere with this)
Now this dumbass theater in Memphis, TN has decided, after a 34-year tradition of screening the movie, to stop this years viewing.  A "few" patrons said the movie was "racially insensitive".  Ok, here's #whatbafflesme, if you find a movie, that's being shown in a theater that charges money to see said movie "racially insensitive", DON'T FRIGGING GO!  So instead of the Orpheum Theatre telling the "few" to stick it, they decided to pull this film from their summer program.  To the "few" Memphians that may or may not be offended by the film, pull up your big-girl panties and find something else to complain about.
Oh, FYI, Hattie McDaniel that played Mammy in the film was the first black actress to be nominated and win an Oscar.

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