4/27/2019 - John W. Shoemaker - July 22, 1959 - April 18, 2019

The first time I talked to you on the phone I liked what I heard. I volunteered on an ambulance crew, you were the dispatcher. I talked to you many times before we met. I had a pesky ambulance junky and I would commiserate with you about him. You would guarantee that the call I was about to go on was not him, ha ha, very funny, it was him. I finally met you at a Firehouse dance, you looked nothing like your voice, but you looked good to me. Little did I know then that you would become my husband and the father of my children. One year later, I shared your last name.

As most young couples, we had some hard times and a lot of good times. We grieved through a miscarriage but we triumphed to our first baby, Meghan. We suffered through your mother's diabetes and eventually the loss of her leg. We triumphed to another pregnancy. We suffered when we thought we were losing another baby. We suffered at the loss of your Mother, she was such a wonderful woman. We triumphed with a healthy baby, Kristin. We suffered with my Daddy being in Philadelphia in the hospital. We triumphed when he came home after a month and a half. We suffered when we found out my Daddy had cancer. We suffered along with him during his last month, you were always so strong and always encouraged me to spend time with him until his last breath. I was so thankful you were there with me. We grieved as we had lost two of our parents. We suffered with me having five breast surgeries. We triumphed when none were malignant. We worked our schedules so we could be home with our girls, that wasn't easy as we both worked rotating shifts. Our daughters came first, always. You were so funny and fun to be with, we enjoyed each other many years.

This is how I'll remember you, funny and spontaneous.

I will always love you, you are my daughters Daddy. Rest easy J Shoe.

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