6/9/2019 - PSA: When my shirt is on inside out

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis(MS) December 13, 2013, that was my diagnosis date, not the date of onset. To borrow from President FDR, that was a date which will live in infamy. I don't know how long I've had this crap but I know I'm sick of the shit.

Before I go on I just want to say that if Chuck Norris had MS he'd kick its ass. That's why MS hasn't been cured, Chuck Norris doesn't have it.

Now, "when my shirt is on inside out". MS has many ugly faces, one of which is phantom skin sensations aka/paresthesias. It can include itching, burning, tingling, numbness, pins & needles, to name a few. I have all of the above. Sometimes I have all of the above at the same time...that's just sad. Anyway...

My latest paresthesias are hyper-skin sensitivity. Sometimes my skin hurts so bad to the touch that I hate having clothes on. I could so be a nudist when it hurts like this. I have new sheets that I love so much which are made from modal fabric. This fabric is very soft and lightweight, think old t-shirt material. These sheets have helped when my skin hurts.

For me, this skin sensitivity feels like a first-degree burn. If you touch the handle of a hot pan or if you have a sunburn, would be this type of pain. You don't want anything against your skin or to rub up against something. Seams in clothing can really irritate.  A lot of time when I'm home I'll turn my t-shirts inside out so the softer seam is against my skin. Sometimes I forget to turn the shirt right when I go out for an errand. Sometimes I don't realize my shirt is on inside-out until I get a sideways(sidewaise) glance one too many times.

So if you see me out somewhere, kinda glazed looking with my t-shirt inside out just smile and move on.

Now on a side note, I had to do a Google search for: sewing to join fabric -  to come up with the word "seam". Do you think all these words come out of me easily? They don't...it's brain fog.


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