7/7/2021 - Four-twenty

I've been using medical marijuana for a couple years now. I'd like to tell you the difference it makes for me:

  1. Calms my nerves
    My nerves are my major complaint of pain for both my MS and fibromyalgia.
  2. It calms me
    Those of you that know me know that I'm a jitterbug, I can't keep still.
  3. It tempers my mood swings
    MS can cause major mood swings, from laughing to crying, from anger to rage.
  4. Helps with nausea
    Sometimes the quivering I have is in my stomach muscles which causes nausea.
  5. Reduces inflammation
    Fibromyalgia and MS are thought to be autoimmune diseases.
  6. Helps with anxiety
    Yeah, I know, when you see me I don't seem anxious. If you could roll back a couple hours you'd see a basket case. So when you see me high, at least you're getting to see me.
  7. Lets me sleep in peace
    Being able to calm my nerves long enough to get sleep is worth its weight in gold. When you sleep, you heal.
  8. Calms muscle spasms
    My legs are so toned because the muscles in my legs spasm, often. Now if only the muscles in my stomach would give me six-pack abs.
  9. Fights off depression
    Like most anyone with chronic pain, they also fight depression. Some of your deepest and darkest days are when you are hurting. Heart hurting and body hurting.
  10. Fights pain
    The major use for me is for pain. That is why my Neurologist suggested it. I bless the day he did.
I know some of you are finding this out about me right now. Medical marijuana has been a Godsend to me. You can say what you want but I'll always stand behind the cause of making it legal. People like me may be in a different circumstance and unable to receive approval for medical marijuana, I hope for them that the lawmakers make it legal. I don't smoke the weed itself, I eat it (cooking hash), take it as a capsule, and inhale via vape.
How do you like me now?

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