8/14/15 - Do something every day

When we were on vacation (yes I need to post some pictures) I decided that no matter how I felt I would do something every day. So far so good. During Camp I took Cali to VBS all but one day. Since then I've closed up the tent and then helped wrap up Camp, done piles of laundry, made tomato sauce and grilled several meals.

Today I may have to take Nash to the doctor, if not I have a sink full of dishes. I absolutely H A T E  doing dishes. I wish I could convince David to do dishes when I cook, so far nope.

Sometimes I struggle to be kind to people that aren't kind. We should love like Jesus loved. Setting my eyes upon Jesus is what I strive to do. There are times that I can be down right nasty. I could blame it on my messed up brain but I do have control of my mouth. My favorite Bible verse comes from Philippians 4:13, I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me (emphasis mine).
Better days are coming, it may not be until eternity.

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