11/18/15 - The old me

The old me:
Loved taking a shower.
Kept my house clean.
Wore makeup.
Cooked dinner on a regular basis.
Cared about my looks.
Could babysit my grandbabies for a whole day.
Could run up and down steps.
Could stand from a squat.
Didn't get dizzy.
Didn't have vertigo.
Didn't have numb areas on my body.
Took pleasure in life.
Was pleasing (most of the time).
Didn't have unbearable pain daily.
Had clear vision.
Didn't have tremors.
Didn't have to put on an act for everyone so they won't worry.
Took pleasure in reading. 
Loved my artwork.
Loved going to the beach.
Didn't mind shopping.
Sent out Christmas cards.
Had fairly good hand writing.
Could sing.
Was thoughtful.
Didn't have to concentrate to pee.
Loved working in the yard.
Could form a complete sentence without going through charades for a forgotten word.
Was smart.
Was kind.
The new me, not so much.

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