3/4/17 - Television advertisement

There are many, many, most, yeah most television (TV) advertisements (ADS) that gets under my skin.

This one because Big Moe Cason talks with food visibly in his mouth.

This one because it says "If you're morning is hell, then go to Taco Bell", I don't like that.

And any of these because they are on, ALL THE TIME!

And there are these two that I emailed the company of my dislike of the commercials because they use Christian Icons.


You may tell me I watch to much TV, that's true.  I go to bed early most every day because my body needs it.  I watch TV until I fall asleep.

I told David that there should be a button that you can scramble the reception of TVADS.

*Warning:  this post may or may not have been drug influenced

 Love y'all.

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