1/8/18 - 2018 Baby!

I wanted to do an end-of-year post to recap the fun that was 2017 but...stuff happens. Here it is, 2018 Baby! I kept my resolution for 2017 by not killing anyone and will once again resolve to not kill anyone in 2018. I am also adding one more resolution for 2018, no broken bones.

2017 was not a good year for broken bones.  I broke my pinky toe on my left foot three times, the first time was the day before I went to San Antonio, TX to visit Meghan. I broke the pinky toe on my right foot once and broke the pinky finger of my left hand on Christmas Day, not cool. My finger is still pretty swollen and still hurts, two weeks later.

My visit with Meghan in SATX was awesome. We ate good, saw a lot of cool stuff and had a great time just her and I. This year I plan on visiting around Thanksgiving. It's hard going through the holidays without her. Of all the states she could have moved to, I'm glad she picked Texas. If I ever move away from Delaware, that's where I'll be.

2017 I spent the summer with Cali. She turned 7 in March and Nash turned 3 in August. They are my joy!

David had spinal surgery on his neck, removing and replacing three discs and then fusing them together, in August 2017.  His recovery was slow and then he got pneumonia. That poor guy went through a lot.

I am blessed to have Richard, Kristin and my grandbabies so close. When I need help they are right here. It's nice to be able to just walk over and get some baby love.

David's brother Mike came from Illinois for a visit. It was very nice to have him after David had recovered from surgery.

All in all, 2017 wasn't all that bad.

Now...2018 Baby!

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