2/19/2019 - I am ashamed of Delaware

This morning in the news I see our AG is suing our POTUS over the emergency at the border. This is purely political and I hope our state can rally on Election Day and vote Ms. Jennings out when her term ends. I emailed her:

Ma’am, according to your mission statement, “Delaware's Attorney General, the State's chief law enforcement officer, has broad responsibility to combat crime, safeguard families, fight fraud, and protect consumers in the First State.” you will combat crime and safeguard our families. You oppose POTUS Trump’s emergency declaration so much that you are suing. You represent the great state of Delaware and I’m ashamed of you. How dare you? His declaration will be protecting our great country and state from those that bring in illegal drugs, don’t abide by our laws and threaten our safety. Ma’am I respectfully request you stop playing politics, drop the “D” behind your name and care about the safety of my family. Please drop the lawsuit.

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