3/4/2019 - Minnesota

Since the late ‘90’s I thought Minnesotans were less than smart. Jesse Ventura as governor, I thought, was a joke. Maybe the weather affects something in their minds. But what can I say, upstate Delaware kept voting for diarrhea of the mouth Joe Biden.

Now comes Ilhan Omar. What a lovely woman, seriously, she’s beautiful. Pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside. Her anti-Semitic thoughts and remarks have no place in our country. When we liberated the Jews from concentration camps they (and we) said “Never Again”. We cannot erase what was done by anti-Semites. We cannot have that voice in our government. Never Again!

Hopefully the addled brain Minnesotans can borrow a thought process next year and get her out of there.

Plus, don’t you think her hair is dry by now?

Brought to you by Op-Ed Dawn. Yeah, I might change my official name.

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