6/15/2019 - Good medicine

I have always been able to laugh at myself. Not only do I laugh at myself I share the experience with my friends so they can laugh at myself. My laughable and TMI moment for the day.

I went to the restroom this morning to accomplish a #1. I went in without my cell phone because it was just a #1. In the midst of #1, I started a #2. Great...no cell phone. As I was sitting in there thinking I started ruminating on what we did in the restroom before cell phones. Now I can play a couple solitaire games before the paperwork. I think I used to have magazines or books to read. That is more productive than what I do now. I think I need to put a couple books in there in case I get caught without a phone. Duh, duh, duuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh. Don't get caught without a phone or book or phone or book or phone

The Mayo Clinic says laughter is good medicine.



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