8/31/2020 - Where does the time go?


Three months into our #greatamericanroadtrip and I haven't posted a thing. Not even pictures!

Well, here's the thing...I just forget, then when I remember, I don't feel good or some other stupid reason. I'm a Reader's Digest type of blogger anyway. 

We left June 1st on our road trip. It has been wonderful so far. 😁 Did I convince you? We have seen some beautiful things. I'd post some pictures here but the camera is out in the truck and the irrigation is running.  I've got an excuse for everything.

I've always been self-deprecating, finding humor at my own expense. I have the superpower of falling over the same boulder more than once. I wasn't hurt, however, I was sore. 

The closest Walgreens and Walmart is 50 miles away. Please pray for the pharmacist I'm about to talk to because I'm sick of the run-around.

 This is no hyperbole when I say, my head is killing me.

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