3/18/2019 - Australian Senator hits boy

According to the news an Australian Senator hits a boy after the boy smashes an egg on the Senators head. The Senator had been responding to the New Zealand massacre at a mosque. The Senators response may not be to the liking of a lot of people but to hit a boy? How horrible is that? The boy was then trending as #eggboy. Horrible right?

I applaud and cheer on that Senator! If that were my kid I’d say he got what he asked for. I think most people’s response would have been similar. You hit me from behind with something and I’m going to turn around swinging. The kid gets his phone ready before he does the deed. He puts the egg smack down on the Senator and then the Senator puts the smack down on the kid. Justice meted out.

Now what I haven’t heard in the news is...


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