3/27/2019 - Green New Deal gets flushed

The Green New Deal got flushed in the Senate 0-57. The Democrats that sponsored the resolution call it a sham vote (after all, we only have 12 years on our clocks). That's the way to support your own resolution Democrats, vote present. Three Democrats voted against the resolution.

In other news, you know that big glacier in Greenland, you know...the one that has been shrinking for decades? No? Well...wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, it's growing again. Whew! Maybe we can push that 12 years back to 13 years. Greenland's Jakobshavn glacier has slowed its retreat, gathered more and thicker ice and is now headed towards the ocean again. Good news right? Well, one would think so, and you would be WRONG! It's gaining ice again because of cyclical changes in the ocean temperature. Huh, who knew? Well scientists know that the earth goes through warming and cooling processes. Then why the big hub bub? Politics. Which brings me back to The Green New Deal, hub bub.

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