4/12/14 - Going to a ball game

I didn't know that Cali and Braydon played on the same team so Cathy is taking me with her today.  Grandmother's Day!! Can't wait!

We went to the beach yesterday, it was such a beautiful day.  I found a few pieces of beach glass and David found a couple pieces too.

The sand was so warm, the breeze was very nice, the water FREEZING!!!!

No, not pulling out my hair
An update for my camping friends...I was going to stop at the south side and take some pictures of the campground and what they have done but they were in there working on it.  There are new roofs on the old bath houses in old camp and it looked like they may have the same in new camp.  New camp was straightened up but I'm not sure anything has been done in there.  It did look pretty flat in there so hoping that they threw some extra dirt in.  When I see more or get to take a picture I'll show you.

Ok, guess that's it for today, always remember...

Better days are coming.

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