4/4/14 - My MS Connection

  • My nephew Chris has been riding his bike all winter getting ready for the Bike to the Beach.
  • My brother Mike has given me encouragement.
  • My sister-in-law Sherry has given me encouragement.
  • My aunt Dolores continues in prayer for me.
  • My Mom Ruth continues in prayer for me.
  • My best friend Donna continues in prayer for me and we giggle.
  • My niece Kim when I feel like b*tching.
  • My friend and neighbor Cathy when I just need to cheat.
  • My husband David who has cleaned up things no one should, driven me everywhere, waited on me, picked me up from falls, prayed, worried, listened, reasoned, taken me to Dr. appointments, gotten up early, stayed up late, cooked, washed dishes :), kept me in Coke, done the grocery shopping, cleaned and loved me.


  1. Well...two things. One, the thing about the sun, dog, and it's one part.....cracked me up and two, I love you and always pray for you. So add me to your list of people. And remember, better days are coming, God promises us that. Love you dumplin!!!!!!

  2. Gotcha on my list. Thank you, I appreciate it so much. I may not have much of a list but at least I know the ones on it love me. Love you too La.


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