7/19/14 - Carey's Camp is coming

Today David and I will be going out to Carey's Camp to work on the tent with my brother Mike and my nephew Mike.  Mike Sr. is the carpenter, Mike Jr. knows more than I in carpentry and David can swing a hammer.  I have been hurting so much lately that I may just be encouragement.

If you've never been to Camp or it's been a while I encourage you to come on out.  I got some great singers for this year, some of which I've never heard.  There is a wealth of history at Camp, this is our 126th year.

A great friend of mine, Debbie O'neal met her husband Rick at Carey's Camp.  My children both grew up at Camp.  We would pack up the van and have a trailer pulled behind packed up as well.  We stayed for all the 12 nights and sometimes a couple more.  It looked like we unloaded the house, we had everything we needed.  Bird baths in a tub, piggy back rides for the kids after they got their feet cleaned off at night and giggles and screams from the girls if they saw a spider.  It is a wonderful memory.

We would stay up late at night playing cards or talking or...chasing skunks.  Oh yeah, a stinky prospect but he finally waddled out of the circle.  I won't be staying out this year as some punk decided to shoot out a window and trash the tent.  That's what we will be working on today.  I'm hoping to have a sleepover with Randy and Donna to get in some much needed giggling.

It's hard to keep good friends when you have to let them down over and over by either hurting or not feeling well.  It's a real pain to be hurting ALL THE TIME!!  I had to let down some new friends last night, Morris and Anne Hendley.  I'm so sorry we couldn't be with them but she graciously gave me a rain check.  I'm hoping my body will comply.

I better scoot now and get my shower.  Gonna meet my brother around 8.

Better days are coming!


  1. Kristinn EysteinssonJuly 21, 2014 at 9:46 AM


    It's good to see you're feeling well enough to start blogging again. I hope you have a great time at camp.


    1. Thanks buddy. As of right now I'm feeling great...sore, but great. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers.


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