7/6/14 - Time flies

Summer is half over, the 4th of July has come and gone and I haven't written in a loooooong time!

David and I have a small garden going, 5 tomato plants, 2 cucumber plants and lots of basil.  The morning glories have tried to take over most of it but I think I have them trained to one section of our dog run fence.  My Dad would have a fit if he knew that I was growing morning glories on purpose.  They were the reason for his corn picker accident.  They are so beautiful though.  I also have some plants that I've rescued from the Lowe's discount rack...lantana, a purple grass and some ground crawlers.  The purple grass still has a way to go but the others are doing well.

Adding some whimsy
This was tasty!  Can't wait for the next
With 5 tomato plants and 2 of them being San Marzano I think I'm going into canning.  I've never done it but I've watched my Mom a lot of times.  I've gotten a few books on my kindle about it and I think I'm ready when they are.

My MS isn't being so nice lately.  I've been listing to the left a lot and this morning my everything is hurting again.  I'm not on any MS meds because I just don't want to inject every other day.  If I can make it through the summer I think I'll be able to make it through.  I'm going to the ophthalmologist Tuesday as my optic neuritis has been acting up.  I know I'm going to need glasses too.  Oy!

Well, hopefully it won't be as long between posts.  I spend most sunny days out in the garage and putzing with my plants.

Better days ARE coming!

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