7/27/14 - Linda and (drum roll) ICE CREAM!!

My friend and neighbor Linda fell over a cat and hurt her legs yesterday.  Will y'all keep her in your prayers.  I checked in on her a few times yesterday, that's my story, actually I not only wanted to check on her but I got to see her dog Brody.  He's adorable!!  He's a Yorkie and fills my puppy lust.

I actually slept the night through until 0630!  Thank God!  My body needed it.  Still have some things to complete on the tent at Camp but hopefully will be ready for Wednesday night.

I don't know about you but I love homemade ice cream.  I remember my Daddy getting the ice cream churn all ready while Mom fixed the ingredients. I was allowed to churn the first part until it got too hard and then Dad would take over.  When it was done the soft, cold, delicious results were well worth the weight (bahahahahaha, I meant wait but weight is right too).  One of the two things I have on my Birthday/Christmas list is an ice cream maker.  Since it's summer and the best time for ice cream I found on Mom's Test Kitchen 64 Ice Cream recipes.

Thin Mint looks good.

Oh I hope Santa brings me that ice cream maker!!
Check my sidebar for the latest updates from Mom's Test Kitchen.  If you make any of these ice cream recipes, invite me over for pity sakes!!
Have a great day!  Better days are coming.

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