7/20/14 - Cali!! and 50 best ways to use Mason Jars

I get to babysit my Baby Gem today!  I can't wait!  She is one special girl.  She loves when GiGi reads her something from my Kindle.  I think her favorite is Little Red Hen.

Oh my aching back!!  I worked for 3 hours on the tent yesterday.  I've vacuumed up all the Styrofoam stuffings from the torn up teddy bear.  My upstairs is back in order and I may have another day of work to get everything put out and wiped up.  Mike Sr., Mike Jr., and David put some kind of siding on the tent and Mike Jr. then spray painted it white.  It really looked good when I left.  We'll be going back out tomorrow to shovel the dirt back in the trenches.  We have about a week and a half before Camp starts so I should have plenty of time to get it just right.  I might put some solar lights next to the tent to light up the pathway between my tent and the Jones'.  It's a well traveled path and not well lit.

I have tons of bookmarks for cool stuff but I wanted to start blogging about them.  First up is 50 best ways to use Mason Jars.  This is from Country Living Magazine.  I subscribe to their updates.  I like that magazine and also Southern Living Magazine.  They have some great ideas and also some great recipes.  I'd also like to start sharing some recipes that I've found or that I have made and want to highlight.  I hope you will share my blog with others and find me some new followers.

Love this one!

Well, I better get myself ready to see a sweetheart.

Better days ARE coming.

This would be cool to make with my girl.

Just posting a couple of my favorites.  Click the Country Living link above to see them all.


  1. Great seeing you at camp, missed seeing you last year.

    1. Tammy, it was great seeing you too. I thank God I feel better this year than I did last year so we'll see a lot more of each other this Camp.
      Maybe we can grab Debbie and go walking in the rain again...lol. Good times.

  2. Dawn, I've known you for years and it never ceases to amaze me just how tough you are! Miss seein' ya!!!!!! Alan McC

    1. I'm a tough old bird Alan. I'm not going to let this crap get me. I have good days and bad and the good days and times outweigh the bad. I thank God each day that I'm still mobile, can't let anything happen to these legs ;)
      Well, the next time we are in Smyrna for an MRI I'll let you know. Maybe we can meet for lunch.


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