7/30/14 - Back to food - Picky Palate

Oy!  It's chilly out there this morning.  According to Weatherbug it's 60 degrees...brrrrrrr.  The high today is only supposed to reach 81 degrees...Ahhhhhh.  Sure doesn't feel like the end of July.

Our annual camp meeting begins tonight.  This is the 126th year of service for Carey's Camp.  If you are in area, or would like to travel to make one of our services, I would like to extend an invitation to all.  There are no tickets to be bought, however we do take up a collection during the service.  I have gotten all the singing groups for this year and some of them are full-time so their fees are a bit high. If you come to any of the services stop by tent #11 and say hi.  I was unable to attend any services last year due to MS, I'm going this year if I have to be carried.

Today I want to highlight Picky Palate.  Jenny is the creator of Picky Palate when she realized that creating recipes for her family was a fun thing to do.  She became a food blogger and has out her first cookbook.  I found one of her recent posts:  10 Easy Back To School Dinner Recipes to look very yummy.  I don't have anyone going back to school anymore but these recipes would be well suited for couples, like David and I, that don't make a big fuss about dinner.  Check this one out...
Cheesy Sausage Skillet Lasagna
My mouth is watering just looking at that.  Now I think David and I could polish a lot of that off.
I hope you enjoy your day.  I pray that God blesses you from top to bottom, from right to left, from front to back and all points in between. 
I better scoot, doing Mom's laundry today and going grocery shopping with her.  Please pray that things will go well with us.
Better days are coming!  Camp tonight...Woohoo!!

+Jenny Flake

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