7/22/14 - BookLook blogger - why I like G+ over Facebook and a recipe from The Gourmet Mom

Once upon a time, in the same land but oh so far away I used to be able to sleep at night.  Dawn wakes up before dawn every day!  Sometimes it's even before the birds...now that's early!


Oh guess what?  No really, guess.  Go on.  Well at least try!!

Ok, I'll tell you.  You are reading the newest member of the BookLook bloggers.  Finally!! And for my first book to review is one of my first loves.  A cookbook, yes, you saw that right, I'm reading a cookbook.  It's really good too plus it has loads of recipes I want to try.  When will I try them, who knows because David is becoming a great chef in the house.  He fries chicken, makes chicken and dumplings, makes the creamiest mashed potatoes and looks good doing it too!!  So when will I try my first recipe from this book...probably when he reads this.

Now onto another subject I've been thinking about.  I've been on Facebook for quite a while and won't be deleting myself or stop checking on it a couple times a day.  But...I like Google+ a lot better.  I don't have to see someone changing their profile picture several times a day or have to name one thing about a person or see others whining about MS.  Yes, I whine about MS, just read below but there comes a time when something new pops up every day that you don't have to ask about it.  I'm on a couple MS pages on FB and yes I can leave the groups but there are a few there that are great encouragers.  Ok, encouragers may not be a word but you know what I mean.  On G+ I'm in several communities and follow a lot of people but if I don't feel like going to a community and seeing their posts I don't have to nor do I have to leave the community.  I'm losing my hair, I might post something on FB about it LOL. Well, that's my .02 cents, for what it's worth.

The featured food blogger of the day is The Gourmet Mom. The featured recipe is fettuccine carbonara. Lisa Montalva is The Gourmet Mom. In her "About" page she writes: "With a love for cooking and more importantly "eating" Lisa Montalva became "The Gourmet Mom". The Gourmet Mom website is filled with free recipes, tips and information about cooking." I wish that when I was her age we had this great thing called the internet. Of course at her age I didn't look as good as she does...Wow! she's cute!! She offers advertising on her website and you can add your own recipes. The fettuccine carbonara recipe that I wanted to feature looks so good and so easy...my kind of recipe. Take a look! Does that not look tasty??

I've got to head out and water my garden.  I think it's supposed to be hot today here in slower, lower Delaware.

Better days are coming (with more sleep I hope).

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