1/26/17 - I'm back!

I am back from San Antonio.  Meghan was a wonderful hostess and itinerary planner.  We had a great time visiting the sites around San Antonio and beyond.

I don't know if it was the lower humidity or being in a southern location but I didn't wake up hurting there.  We were able to walk a lot and enjoy ourselves.  Now that I'm in the great white north I'm back to pain and torture.  MS doesn't suck as bad in SATX.  Meghan does NOT want me moving there, even though I tried to coerce her into letting her Mama move in. 

Me and my girl

She took me to my Mecca

The weather was wonderful
More pictures later on and more of our itinerary.  I've got some unpacking to do.

Love y'all.  Image result for kissing lips

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