1/9/17 - Green Giant is really the Hulk part 2

In our last episode Green Giant, aka/Green and broccoli, aka/Brock were trying to stay away from "the man".  They had decided to set out on an exciting adventure around the world.  Green could take long strides and would put Brock on his shoulders to travel.

Brock and Green said goodbye to friends and family.  They didn't know when they would be back home.  Green said, "I know you want to go with us, but you just can't.  You have to stay as far away from "the man" that you can, for as long as you can.  If you see "the man" play dead, he won't want you then."

Green hoisted Brock to his shoulders, bade the last of their friends goodbye and headed north.  Brock told Green to take his time, "Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers."  In no time they came upon another land. 

Brock checked his world map.  "There is a place called Greenland.  That must be a magical place, the whole land is green!"  Green agreed.  After reading the sign, they moved on. 

The further they traveled north, the colder it got.  It got colder, and colder.  Green sat Brock down. 

"This is NOT the time for shape shifting!"

Brock said, "Dude, chill."

Green said, "NOT FUNNY!"

Brock had noticed that Green got mad, fast.  Maybe the cold temperatures will put a damper on the anger.

"Lets keep going Green, I kinda like it cold."  Green lifted Brock to his shoulders and headed for some beautiful lights in the sky.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see if Green and Brock make it to the beautiful lights.  Will they get to Greenland for a stop-over?  Or will they stay?

 Love y'all.

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