1/5/17 - My eyes are messed up - #MSsucks

This morning this "-" looks like "=".  Oy!  I've been getting good sleep lately, Yay!  However, my right leg still feels broken.  Double Oy!  This double vision is only bad for reading and writing.

What are you doing today?

I got some good kisses this morning from Nash.  He's so snuggly and soft.  I love his soft cheeks.  I always get some good loving from Cali, her cheeks are so soft too.  I'm so glad they are still young enough that GiGi gets some kisses and hugs.

Less than two weeks until I see my Meghan.  I've missed her so much.  Please pray that I have safe travels and hopefully very little pain.

Please pray for my Kristin.  She's been having some tests run.

I'm sitting here with that zoned out look again.  I can't think. 
Scary, huh?
Toodles, see you tomorrow.  I love y'all.

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