3/12/14 - Sleepy time for me

I have slept from around 5pm yesterday to around 7pm tonight.  Good grief...I don't know why.  This has happened a couple times in the last few years.  I'll be awake for a little while, enough to eat, use the restroom, etc.  But the great thing about this is my cognitive issues are lessened.

My granddaughter Cali will be playing t-ball this spring.  Her Daddy and Grandpa will be coaching her team.  T-ball is the best years of little league.  No matter what position they are playing the field, when the ball is hit, they all converge on it.  So cute.  I can't wait to go see her.

My youngest daughter Kristin, Cali's Mommy is pregnant and due in August.  Cali will be having a little brother or sister.  They are having something new to me a "Gender Reveal" party where they reveal whether she is having a boy or girl.  What a great idea.

Pet peeve du jour...watching kissing on tv.  Yuck.

The temperatures today were in the 60's.  They are supposed to drop in the 20's tonight.  But before the dropping of the temps we are supposed to have thunderstorms.  I guess I better get snuggled in bed.

Better days are coming.


  1. Cali will be having a "little" brother or sister. It seems Gender Reveals are all the rage right now. Some couples cut into a cake to reveal pink or blue cake. I heard of one recently that the couple asked the technician to write the sex on a paper and put it in an envelope and seal it. They gave it to the bakery and they found out the same time as every one else!

  2. Thanks Snookie.
    Well they sound cool.


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