3/8/14 - I'm Sorry

 I’m Sorry.  I’m Sorry.  I’m Sorry.

It's something that we don't say as often as we should.  I'm sorry for having MS.  I'm sorry for acting in the way that I do with MS.  I'm sorry that I need a cane because I'm unstable on my feet.  I'm sorry I have Primary Progressive MS.  I'm sorry that it is the worse type of MS.  I'm sorry I have bad days.  It's in orange to honor MS awareness.  Donate for a cure.

I'm sorry that many people live everyday with MS because they haven't given up.  I'm sorry I've given up.

I am sorry we didn't stop yesterday to see if the lady that was stopped on the side of the road was ok.  The one really bad thing about this is I have no control because I can't drive.  I go when someone is ready and I go where they want to go.  I pray this new med will make me feel a lot better.  Maybe I can go back to driving.

I'm really sorry that these damn hands have tremors while I type this, I really hate that. I'm sorry I can't stay awake any longer.  I'm sorry but I need to take a nap, another MS thing.

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