3/27/14 - I've got a pea up my nostril - that's what lunatics do

Hey, is there any place in the world that you've seen so many pictures of that you'd really not care to visit.  Say Paris or Lombard St. in San Fran.  Can you imagine living on that street?  Do they close it at night or do they let the drunk drivers on motorcycles ride down it...cool!  But really, how many times have you seen this street?  To go down it..eh.

I love to travel and hopefully once the doctor gets my health under control we hope to be taking small trips.  I'm not sure we'll be doing it the way I wanted but traveling nonetheless.  What does it matter what you sleep in at night, what matters is what you see during the day.

The snow made us miss our Bible study.  (Missed seeing my girlfriend and Randy)  Not us actually but the church canceled because the parking lot was still icy.  Speaking of icy, when I got to vampire alley to get my blood work done nothing had been done to improve their parking lot OR their sidewalk.  I feel sorry for the people that work in those businesses because they have to listen to the harassment from the patrons.  I was really afraid to walk across it because I'll fall in my house just walking across the floor.  I made it though!!
Fell asleep today in the recliner with my cell phone on chest.  When I woke up I find I've missed 2 calls.  How?  The phone was right there!!  Nice nap, that's for sure.

I hope you've had a beautiful day, God bless you, God loves you and always remember better days are coming.

ps:  I have been having heart problems all day.  I should be speaking with my neuro tomorrow.  I really put off going to the ER because of the quality of ER's in Sussex County.  It seems to have eased off.  When I stand my blood pressure goes up then I breathe like I'm taking my last breath.  Please keep me in your prayers.  I fun around and joke but I've been scared today.  Thanks.

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