3/23/14 - Girlfriend day

It's 1215am, I've already been asleep for the night.  That's the reason I didn't answer your texts.  I was out, like a light, zzzzzzzzzz, hibernating, you get the idea.

I had a girlfriend day with my girlfriend Donna.  We got our hairs did and yes, that is our natural color, and we got our hairs cut.  Donna's sister Terry did our hair so it was a chat and giggle fest all around. The owner of the salon kept turning around and looking at us...Yikes.

Once our hair was done, Donna and I went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday's in Rehoboth.  Of course there was more laughing and reminiscing.  I needed a day of laughing and cute hair cut.  We are supposed to go to Bible Study Wednesday night, someone will have to separate us for sure.

When I got home I was exhausted!  But I loved the exhaustion.  So I went and laid down on the bed for a nap, hahahahahahahahah.  I didn't take my night-time medicine.  I might go ahead and take them and see what happens.

For those of you that texted me and didn't get a reply, I'm sorry.   Remember

Better days are coming.



  1. I love our girlfriend days!!!! Wednesday night Bible Study will be good for all of us! Your hair cut is sooo cute and yes....that is our natural color ;) love you dumplin!

  2. It's nice to add the guys in once in a while too.


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